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Monday, 25 March 2019

Why May Was Placed In Number 10.

The Same reason She's Still There.

This gross excuse for a leader is the consummate, ugly face of modern, deep state governance. She was glued to the Number 10 front door by those who knew full well she would act as an EUSSR plant to ensure Brexit, as voted for, would never happen.

In order to reach that point she set out to present an apparent honest face and well rehearsed mantra "Leave means leave". She then appeared to seek a bigger majority by calling an election and sod the 5 year term when convenient. All part of the lies and deep treachery. The so called massive lead for her disgraced party of lick spittles was no such thing. 

It did, however, by accident or design, on her part, enhance the ability to delay, lie, cheat, break democratic conventions and piss all over the referendum result. With the deep state funded media and the BBC's despicable arses, she was on a roll. As in Orwell's prescient works, lies become truths, pigs our masters. Proof, if any was needed, in the breathtaking statement that extending Art 50 was done by the EUSSR and Parliament was no more than the talking shop it now is.

A body totally in thrall to the EU whilst they enjoy the huge salaries and expenses now open to abuse without scrutiny. The ability to lie over and over again in a manic display of trying to outdo the puppet prime Minister in deceit and nastiness.

I am ashamed to be British today when these evil clowns now gurn and grin at every disgraceful, smug, fouling of our democracy by people with hardly a decent crumb of morality between them. Our Parliament is no more today than that other expensive club of MEPs in Brussels. There just to add a veneer of protective excrement to those servants of the global deep state, the European Commission.

Where it will all end is now on display in France. Hidden from view by the media, mostly, as the 2019 Macron Gestapo now have carte blanche to murder their own citizens. This is the EU. Not some cuddly, beneficent and loving leadership but an evil and brutal body taxed with destroying the Nations of Europe. Just as The Nazis attempted.  

As for brexit. A blip dealt with by the usual delaying tactics of the EU whilst their placements as "leaders" formulate the Continent's destruction, behind closed doors. Democratic accountability is long gone. What is in place is just too ghastly and full of hatred for majority opinion to be allowed to be heard and followed. Parliament and their disgusting complicity is probably more gross than any other, in its subservient grovelling to the EU.

Still POTUS has their measure, thank God. Not only that but he's seen off the deep state for now, if not for decades. Sadly, I fear, we are too stupid in our establishment circles to see the hatred they have engendered. They need look across the Channel. That has a long way to go for sure. With luck, as we surrender abjectly to the Commissars, others will rise up and do for them. History tells us that. Not least the fall of the Soviet Union.

God bless all leavers, they need it. Even as I watch events coming to a dreadful close I still have so much admiration for the leave cause. Not least the brave souls marching to London. These are the people to admire. Not those highly funded goons outside Westminster, sucking up all the excrement the Parliament and EU shovel their way. What utter fools they are to believe in slavery over freedom.


  1. O R you were right all along and we will probably not leave the EU (the latest version of the USSR) any time soon. We have been roundly betrayed by Westminster and the remainers will carry the day for now. Sadly the poor fools will soon find the rule of the pigs far worse than they ever thought possible. I am very worried indeed now about the state of politics in our nation and the repercussions of the betrayal we have suffered. I don't think the pigs will rule for very long but its what comes next we need to be frightened of.

  2. I suspect remainers have no fears for the future. They will discover only when their homes and possessions are taken away. Not as unlikely as they think or realise.