Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Friday, 22 March 2019

The Deep State's Destruction Of Democracy.

The Grossly Unpleasant, Deep State Lackeys.

I have constantly posted that we would never leave this terrible EUSSR. Now that I am proven right ever since 2016 and the joy of winning the referendum was replaced by the treacherous deep state liars now in Parliament, in the main, I feel no pleasure in my prescience. Not immediately but eventually the whole of Europe will burn along with France. Violent revolution the only end game left. 

I may not live to see it but I will be proven right yet again. All dictatorships fall eventually. My only solace rests with the knowledge I have shared a generation that was at the very best a society and nation could want. I have no faith in the rubbish now following on. Just look and listen to the huge majority of ghastly, selfish, vindictive crowd at Westminster. Run by an all powerful, EU style unelected Mandarin class.

Farewell my once so wonderful Country. Once the very heart of what democratic freedom meant. Now discarded as junk.


  1. My childhood in the 50's was spent in a poor council estate, I never questioned the impoverishment because in that small childhood world we kids knew no better, we thought every one lived like that. It was only when about 11 or 12 years old that the truth started to dawn.
    What saddens me is that recent generations born into the globalist yoke,and indoctrinated by the leftist education system will joyfully accept their miserable fate. They will never know what was and could have been. Perhaps it's kinder that way.

  2. I won't link the globalist Streisand, this is a better version.........