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Thursday, 28 March 2019

The Deep state Swamp Poison Is Bubbling Up.

The Stench Is Overwhelming.

Our Parliament is but a mirror image of the EUSSR talking shops. All dominated by the swamp dwellers of Martin Bormann Selamayr, Tusk, Verhofstadt, Juncker types. All slaves to the wealth handed them via tax payer hardships and cash. All these cretins hired to carry out the deep state's agenda to oppress and subjugate many hundreds of millions of people.

The so called media is but one item in the tool box to destroy freedom and democracy. The methods, tried and tested over many decades, employ lies, the breaking of legally binding promises, protocols and rules, when the need arises. For example the enforcement of financial limits on Greece. Brought about by their deep, state, corrupt politicians but paid for by those victims of that gangster ridden scenario. 

When the larger, mostly more Northern countries, France in particular, breach the financial disciplines, nothing is said. When banks came close to failing, as ever, they, as the guardians of the ill gotten deep state drug money laundering conspiracies, looked in trouble, the gangsters deposits and cash was bolstered with tax payers' money again.  

Then, out of the blue, the plucky Brits voted to leave this ghastly, corrupt, freedom hating cartel of dictators. After the initial shock the usual tactics were implemented. The overriding weapon, time. All that was necessary was delay after delay to water down and eventually negate the democratic vote promised. In EU, deep state terms, promised is but a word to be bandied about with zero need for honouring or respecting. Just "inconvenient".

So, after June 2016, the full might of the deep swamp's worst overpowering stench, that of mendacity, was released like mustard gas in WW1's trenches. The people of the UK have not yet been able to stop retching from the stench now bubbling from the swamp that is the EUSSR and our own, enslaved, remain dominated, bunch of swamp dwellers and liars.

The first step to negate and prevent our leaving the swamp that is the EU filth, was to install May. A powerfully committed remainer and someone the Oily Robbins and his Mandarin dictators could mould and guide to fulfill the delaying tactics so honed by these people. Look how well this has worked. Her practiced and so calm demeanour as she spurted continually the lies produced for her.

"No deal is better than a bad deal". "We are leaving the EUSSR on the 29th of March". "It's my job to honour (sic) the referendum result". Now, only yesterday, "I"ll quit if my deal is voted through." This latter piece of lying nastiness said in the knowledge it probably will not go through and she'll stay as PM awaiting new tactical instructions from her bosses to stop Article 50.

What is forgotten in all of this unpleasant, underhand evil is the blatant and disgusting dismissal of their own rules. Article 50, as I understand, encompassed its own procedural capability of leaving under WTO rules for such time as it would take to negotiate trade and other rules and regulations deemed suitable to embrace.

No multi billions of  endless payments, no more CAP and fisheries rape by other countries. No more European Court of Justice. This latter, mostly, yet another tool of the deep state's box of nastiness and teeth extractors. Article 50 was meant to be sacrosanct. Yeah, like so much that we are forced to believe for as long as it suits the Big Brother agenda of oppression.

All the talk, lies and stupidity on display are as nought to the feeling that we are still fighting that referendum. Those awful, tasteless blue flags outside Parliament. Relieved, partially by the colours of the Union Jack and some UKIP banners. These latter all carefully blanked out by the media's TV cameras. That bawling monkey, his organ grinder hidden from view, given top billing. So tasteless and un-British. The endless gas emitted from Parliament and the media adding to the stench rising from the swamp of their own making and collusion.

Those ridiculous indicative votes now to be given that old chestnut beloved of the EU. Keep voting until you give us our way. So hardly indicative other than of their dishonesty. For example the "there is no majority for "no deal" mantra. You turds. You idiots voted to invoke Art 50. It came bespoke with a deal you fools.

Article 50 enshrines its own deal for leaving. WTO. It's not "no deal". It's supposed to be a mechanism for leaving whilst other deals are negotiated. Hence our belief that if we voted to leave, that's what would happen. How dare these deceitful lying scum in Parliament "rule it out"? Or those clowns in Brussels, doing the bidding of Merkel, another woman glued to her seat, dare fail to honour Article 50 and extend it at their pleasure?

Just imagine if we had left under WTO rules. We'd be three years into proper negotiations and have enjoyed our reclaimed sovereignty. The bickering, bubbling poisonous gases long subsided and our Country surging forward as a free beacon of proper democracy. FFS, some honour restored. 

Sadly we have too many deep state, self interested swamp bottom feeders to cope with. Shame on virtually all of them. Mind you that immature, pompous little man, Stayt got a comeuppance this morning. A joy to behold and hear. More of that please! 


  1. Excellent post,. Couldn't have put it better myself . What the public should do is vote these cretins and their parties out at the elections local and general as a strong response to their treachery in dealing with a simple referendum result . That would be very satisfying and send a clear message to these quislings

  2. Votes mean nothing anymore.
    This government answers only to europe.
    We are living in occupied territory.
    We must bear this in mind in all our future conduct.

  3. A sad sad day for UK and the removal of all doubt that we have been betrayed. It now looks like O R was right all along and our rulers had no intention of ever leaving the EU in any meaningful way. BUT I for one will pick up my worn tools and start to work for brexit all over again. I may be old and tired but I am British and a believer in democracy and I will never rest until we are a free nation again.

  4. Anon, history is full of struggle by people determined to face up to bullying and deep state, often secretive to an evil extent. Right and decency does prevail. As it did in two world wars. Sadly the casualties, even now in France of the yearning for freedom and democracy suffer terrible consequences but to date the light has never been totally extinguished. Let us hope the excrement that makes our Parliament presently a fat blocked sewer may get cleaned up one day.