Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

That Didn't Take Long.

As Forecast And Trailed.

You can be sure Berk was put up to this . There is a possible chance May would fail to get her Article 50 even short delay passed by all 27 States. Lithuania hinted at a veto to end the drawn out mess Parliament remain stance has caused. Italy might well choose to side with UK democratic survival and veto. France demand further plunder of our waters and Spain demand Gibraltar.

So as the 29th now looms large the last vicious and nasty move would to do as Berk so smugly laid the path clear to do. Cancel the whole damn democratic desire and use a brute force of the elite to crush this upstart peoples' referendum vote and democracy for ever. Welcome to the ever growing might of a new Soviet Union.

Such is the self important arrogance of our soon to be likely masters, they even like bullying non members. The future under this lot or under May's colluded deal is grim.

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