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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Poison Dwarf.

No Way Does This Cuckold Act Alone.

After the immediate, salivating joy of the media muppets over Bercow Berk's grandstanding the Chamber emptied fairly rapidly. However post the live "big event" more mundane questions and points of order followed. Therein was revealed why this fool has done that which he did.

Before I elaborate on that motive let us be reminded of the whole nature of this dreadful state we are in. We are ruled by a global deep state mafia style order. As with all negative and evil aspects of human nature, greed and power being two large such aspects, lying, cruel and barbaric violence and smug arrogance dominate. A democratic majority vote is the last thing this global mafia want.

So when the UK electorate, despite the huge money spent, including tax payers, to ensure a remain victory and millions of mysterious ballot papers turned up, a vote to leave still triumphed. For a short time. Then the EUSSR began their recovery. Cameron was shooed out the door and the best hope to carry the remain, deep state cause back to the upper lands of superiority was placed in Number 10.

Thus the scene was set to dismantle the democratic vote. A general election was run to emasculate the leave representation. devious and lying candidates from Labour and Tory ranks were happy to lie blatantly to ensure a huge remain dominated parliament. Article 50 was invoked with over two years of prevarication then available to screw the UK people and deliver the dregs of this Nation on a plate.

This Robbins, Merkel, EU withdrawal agreement was cobbled together with but one aim. A win win scenario for the deep state and The EUSSR. A surrender to a terrible and evil piece of work. very soon to punish the UK in the best draconian manner he can. May his first casualty, quite likely and certainly deservedly for her naive treachery and compliance. 

So back to "points of order". A SNP female asked Berk how rapidly could a motion be raised to bring about a vote in the House to revoke Article 50 legislation and complete the sell out to the EU. His reply, totally rehearsed and the question clearly expected and probably placed in the hands of the SNP English haters for effect, I paraphrase, "within moments of being called".

So here is the last minute scenario planned over almost three years. A pretense at debate, democratic voting and angst all as nought, for those who knew the end game. An end game that snares us into a Federal Europe, federal police force and military. A single currency and a future poverty in the manner of Greece.

We will be paying, as ever, for the cost of defending a Continent that has always resented these Islands and our history. For centuries our lands coveted and our enslavement desired. We are but days away, probably, for this to become fact. That's why, I believe, Berk the Cuckold has done as he has. One of many behind this will be certainly Dominic Grieve. A despicable figure if ever there was one. Yet only one of thousands across the deep state enclaves across the Western world.

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  1. Correct in every detail. What a total betrayal.