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Saturday, 30 March 2019

Parliament's Perfect Deal.

Ironically Is The One They Voted Down.

Yesterday was one of very mixed emotions. The leavers swamping Parliament Square, Bunty Boulton's humiliation by Iain Dale and his gaff after, so typical of the fat controller and bully, were wonderful to behold. Less so big time was the wretchedness on parade in the Chamber nearby.

The deal being trotted out yet again, so EU and Oily Robbins' fingers all over it, was evidenced by the fiddling and dreadful manner it gained another farcical rerun we were forced to endure. If not live via the aftermath of media interpretation. As stated elsewhere, the vote "passed the parcel" of control, surprise, surprise, to their EU bosses. It was never about Parliament taking control, they are happy as Larry to abdicate their toil to Brussels in order to have more time to fiddle expenses without scrutiny.

As ever, the whole nonsensical, puffed up pretense was nought but mendacity on elastic. The lies, faux anger and trembling of bottom lips across The House was loathsome. Mind you Grieve's mauling by his Constituency Party added a neat start to the day this morning. A taste of what, at some time in the coming months or years, most of these cretinous self seeking lot installed right now can expect. Note the nervous twitches they offer in interviews when  GE is mentioned.

All of this nonsensical nastiness is designed to hide what's really going on. The water boarding designed to prevent us ever leaving the EUSSR dictatorship. The deal rejected for a third time is a little surprising. If passed it allowed May's lies to stand that "it delivered Brexit", sold us out forever and keeps this lot on their circa £250,000 income for three more years but without really needing to do squat diddly but sign off on EU diktats. No change there.

If, as is still likely, only the time still to be reached is really in doubt, remaining in this EUSSR as a subservient State will become fact. The UK dismantled, the euro installed and an EU Armed Forces, able to squash all dissidence across the Continent, will evolve very quickly. This is the reality our Parliamentarians all realise.

Those few so called brexiteers now wavering and failing in their resolve. Their pathetic excuses that this deal would save brexit. As Bunter would say, "bollocks". The long game is the EU's signature dish. The outcome for staunch resistance is economic blitzkrieg as we witnessed in Greece. 

Our only hope, a very long shot, is that The EUSSR 27 won't grant another "extension". Of course they will. In exchange for billions they are shit scared of losing otherwise. As for Parliament taking control. All they are doing is urinating in the waters instead of May squatting publicly before her masters in Brussels, led by Merkel from Berlin. 

The whole business is a painful joke. A less than subtle subjugation of millions of British people. Over 17 million aware of the nastiness but millions more blind to the horrors that await when eventually punishing the UK can be done publicly without fear of question or revolution. 

Yesterday tells us they have a way to go. That, however won't bother them. Unless of course in their determination to crush one upstart State another bites them more seriously in the arse. Hope is supposed to spring eternal! As for our deep state, they are rumbled and that genie is not going back in the bottle.


  1. As far as I am concerned we left on Friday on WTO terms, since the law has not been changed. I no longer recognise any EU directives, laws or diktats. When all this posturing, lying and betrayal comes to its conclusion in Whitehall, there will not be enough lamp posts to go around.

  2. Ripper, there may be a challenge over this failure to act properly. Mind you I doubt May has ever behaved properly in her whole career.