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Thursday, 21 March 2019

I'm Reminded Of The Theme Music From "The Lone Ranger"!

As The Music Gets Louder The Baddies Get Ever More Desperate.

I'm minded to see the ambush, as done by the EUSSR, the UK Mandarins and their deep state masters, as trying to kill Brexit, as represented by the Lone Ranger. Tonto the British Public coming quietly and with dignity from most leavers, in the main, resurrecting and following through on the real, meaningful vote held in 2016's referendum.

Those of my generation might, I hope, see the humour in this that I feel myself. Not least the jolly song, drenched in a kind of sentimental silliness. Even so, joking apart, if, as we still may, against huge odds and the danger of typical EUSSR ambush tactics, leave next week, this club of gangsters, guess who gets to laugh most.

Even so, joking apart, the media whores led by Bunty Boulton, couldn't help themselves but parade an endless group of MEPa, failed politicos fronted by that sleazy Alistair Campbell, from a death dealing past and warmongering slaughter regime. All of this lot now mooting the EU tactic of yore. A second referendum. One next time guaranteed to ensure a 120% turn out with 101% in favour of enslavement remaining in the "club".

There is a fair amount of panic however. Tusk says only a short extension if the sale of the UK "deal" is passed by Parliament. Slyly hinting that a much longer dreadful delay and EU elections in the UK might well be just fine. Anything to prevent a WTO deal that could easily presage the death of this embryonic evil empire! 

The other probable Establishment, Berk bribed likelihood, is an emergency debate and binding vote to withdraw Article 50 in the coming few days. That would be nirvana for the deep state. We would rapidly see the longed for Federal Europe rise to the dictatorship it craves. The euro sweep across the dregs of the UK,prior to its break up into EU provinces. A federal riot police, already set to go, "robust and rapidly deployable" and a European Army about to arrive in the UK on March 30th for "exercises".

In other words, everything we voted to reject in 2016 may still be forced upon us in the coming days. Unless, I wonder if this is so, the too clever by half deep state cretinous front men folk have left it too late? That the rules and laws relating to Article 50 will see us out a week tomorrow. Indeed the shenanigans and begging bowl sojourns by May and her Oily Robbins Gestapo to Brussels will be something to behold. An air of panic already palpable.

Whatever, if we get to leave under the WTO deal next week I, for one, will be screaming "Hy-yo Silver"! Or drowning my sorrows in New World red and mourning never drinking French or Italian reds ever again.

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