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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Humiliating Gibberish.

Endless Posing, Posturing, Smug Stupidity.

Off this ghastly woman trotted last night. No doubt summoned by the EU's drunken sot of a so called president. Nothing came of it. She sat, subservient and subdued as the drunk led the hostage press conference. A time he chose to preach to his captives in the UK that you will do as I say, you shall not be permitted to leave and you will be punished. You will pay billions for your humiliation wasn't said but that's on the bloody table, big time.

As for our Parliament. They will probably pour further scorn over May's weal and pathetic time in Office. She'll carry on sucking it up as front plonker for the Oily Robbins and deep state puppet masters she craves to please. As for this "deal". As a vehicle for ensuring we never leave the EU it's working just fine.

Crushed again today it will still achieve what a passing of it would do. Keep us as vassals and mugs paying to be governed as slaves and fools by the drunks and sly, nasty dictators of the deep state. The MP idiots will move on to "take no deal" off the table. That is of course no such thing. It is a proper Brexit. Clean and powerful for the people. An anathema to the deep state cretinous gangsters. Yet leaving on the 29th, as presently enshrined in statute, under WTO rules for the time being is a perfect solution for democracy and the people.

As for taking our best negotiating tool off the table, how pathetic is that? By definition it means we can't leave without a deal. Ergo, the EU Commissars never choose to agree to anything and bingo, we're stuck paying, kow towing and as trapped as this ghastly deal was always designed to achieve. Just imagine, decades of what we have suffered these last, nearly, three years. All the time paying way over the odds to be ridiculed and humiliated as the gibberish goes on and on and on.

All the infighting and jibber jabber we have had forced upon us becomes everlasting. Our economy gets wrecked, our freedom squandered and enslavement total. Our decaying, crime ridden streets will get ever worse. Our politicians will buy fortresses across the Cotswolds and smile from behind their security cordons at the disgusting violence that will rage far beneath them. 

Their wealth will grow ever larger from the deals and backhanders gained from their allegiance too the EU and deep state. This is where the future lies. This will be the outcome of the betrayals festering alongside these gross, gibbering morons masquerading as our representatives. 

Only leaving on WTO terms, or as the pathetic traitors prefer, no deal, an we break free of the dark, terrible future now set for our next generations. I probably will be long gone. Hopefully my warnings will still be available to show not everybody supported the evil now engulfing us all this very week.

As for my award for champion gurning of all time. Step up Tess May.

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