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Friday, 8 March 2019

Hard But Important To Keep Track.

So Is Next Week The End Of Brexit?

"No deal is better than a bad deal". Time and time again says this woman. Whilst acquiescing to every whisper in her "remain" ear to a deal as horrendous as it can be. All the costs, ECJ subservience and customs laws and zero say in any of it. That's lying in my book. Makes Ted Heath look as honest as iit gets when he said there would never be any federal aspect to selling out.

Then she's said time and time again "we leave on the 29th of March, 2019. A date Parliament believed was so far ahead, post the 2016 leave victory, they could stop it dead in its tracks. Well, it's very, very close. Despite all the deep state, Oily Robbins like treachery, there still looks as though "the deal" will not pass. If I'm keeping up, it's to be voted on again next week. Pinochioess presumably then presides over machinery manipulated by a remain Parliament deep state, in the main, self interested lackeys. 

The very same people who have already endorsed Article 50 and set in law, a departure on the 29th. So any extension, enforced acceptance of a crap deal or further procrastination makes fools of them all and reinforces May's credentials as a liar. Am I still keeping up?


  1. You are definitely keeping up I w ejected from a Tory party constituency AGM last night for expressing pretty much the same views (see my post over at mine)...

  2. Hi, Dioclese. Reminded of my own experience in circa 2006. They lost my vote back then. Sometimes I hold my nose but it's For Britain for me. After a lifetime of being a rightie!

  3. As I have never really been a 'joiner' in political terms, I only joined the Tory Party some time back. I joined when the idea of us actually leaving the bloody EU was still on the cards.

    After the shambles over this lash-up known as the Withdrawal Bill, which really is best interpreted as 'we are still in the EU, but don't have a vote', I decided to resign,

    The email in reply to my resignation was entitled "Thank you"; says it all really!

  4. I hope so, James. Mike, thanks for the comment. Indeed only when there is an election do any of them, in the main, give a toss about the electorate. Of course, the cosy unelected EU lot don't give a f**k at any time.