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Tuesday, 5 March 2019


The State Of The Rump Of The UK That's Remains.

The BREXIT debate, if such a thing exists, is part of a deep and depressing malaise for Oldrightie. Behind all this duplicitous and now further can kicking about to happen, we are all under a yolk of suppression never, ever known in the UK's history. There is a growing similarity today with the horrors now spread across South Africa. Racially motivated, gang recruited, drug and hate infested violence, much as Powell predicted.

This deep state, migrant stimulus, for nefarious and selfish ends, for an elite of gangsters, political henchmen and grossly flawed powerful billionaires, is behind the horrors of a dysfunctional, overcrowded, Europe, headed by the UK in density. This density affects mainly towns and cities. There is no will, even if a way were possible, to redress the nightmare of a dysfunctional, dog eat dog, multicultural slop that is now awash throughout the West and Europe in particular.

Of all the deep state dogma, power and greed facilitated by political lickspittles and weak, a la May, gullible, self interested fools and liars, masquerading as our representatives, there's a joke, one of the worst things introduced into our Countries has been "freedom of movement". Although the UK went through yet another charade and pretence of opting out, we still became virtually part of that stupid policy.

That policy has offered millions the opportunity to consider the most foolish of Nations prepared to fund their lives, aka Germany and the UK. Surprise, surprise they are illegally swamping these two Countries in their millions. An estimate for the UK alone is a population of illegal immigrants of 3 million and growing.

That's the volunteers. Many more are trafficked and abused whilst genuine asylum seekers are disadvantaged and turned away. Especially Christians. Is it any wonder that thousands and thousands here illegally, happily continue their criminal ways. As foot soldiers and recruiting sergeants for gangs. A life of crime to top up their ill earned benefits and fiddles.

Gangs who in turn become local dictators, meeting out horrendous violence and cruel abuse to all and sundry. Such an individual sees a young, attractive, happy white girl on a park bench. Decides she's fair game for his attention and when that seems unlikely, strolls by minutes later and plunges a knife into her back.

Cue establishment squabbling between that ghastly pair Dick and May. How unseemly is this? Dear Lord is it any wonder, with such weak and dysfunctional women, we are where we are? As for their spat. Tinkering at the edges. Moaning about symptoms and ignoring the fetid disease our society has become.

That disease is one of total, or approaching, total collapse of law and order. Fuelled by drug lords' avaricious greed infecting every corner of the Establishment, banks and political activity. The decay will get ever more stench ridden and obvious. Too few policemen it's said. Well that applies to the state of our NHS, schools, roads and railways.

Everything is creaking or even failing with the burden of unchecked, constant mass immigration. Illegal and otherwise. Not once is this stupid policy considered as the true and deep seated absolute fact behind all that is failing. How can we plan for even one year's need when we have no idea what the demands of next month will be, let alone 2020.

As for the EU. Every bit of that bureaucratic cess pit is full of filth we cannot even imagine. Corrupt and unchecked. As despotic as any dictator across the Planet. For these cretins to blacken those more genuine as leaders, such as Putin and Assad, whilst worshiping at the feet of the Saudis and their ilk is but one indicator of the excuse for human beings this deep state and its foot soldiers have become.

Why oh why our Parliament is screwing our leaving this dictatorship can only be down to collusion and subservience to, not only the unelected cabal in Berlin and Brussels but the nastiness emanating from our Mandarin class of slimy, underhand scum. Yes, Oily Robbins, your lot.

Still, letting the lower orders become enslaved by the gangs and murdered and abused by the underclass armies of the deep state is probably orchestrated. When that deep state decides it's got all the power it needs, they would clamp down on their underclass within days. Summary executions, quietly carried out pogroms. A spate of useless idiots found dead. People who might know too much eased into a hell of their own making. MPs beware. It's your deep state power brokers you should be nervous of not your citizens. Yet.

Just as Macron is ordering his heavily disguised riot police gestapo to do, as I type, in France. We don't need a Banksy to see the writing or pictures on the walls. It's all around us and written from those rivers of blood now so readily to hand. Slowly being daubed across every corner of our once so proud and decent Country. Sadly despair always turns to anger, anger to violence. Again, look at France. Furthermore it is a long way from "Far Right". It comes from a deep, painful despair.


  1. Yet another spot on posting, well said OR its good to see someone tell it like it is. On top of all you say in your posting we are now looking forward to yet another inflation busting rise in council tax to go with the increases in gas, water and electricity. Still nothing like charging £4 a pint for beer, that keeps us indoors watching state controlled TV so we don't talk to others and incite trouble. When will the British ever say enough is enough or will we really go out with a whimper?

  2. Anon, thank you as ever. Your support means a great deal.