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Thursday, 14 March 2019

A Parliament In Name Only.

Coupled To A Government Of Knaves.

This image encapsulates the deep state and since 2016 and the UK referendum, the face of remain losers hell bent on trashing the voice and democratic existence of the UK's people. The snarling nastiness was laid bare yesterday and continues today.

The vote to invoke Article 50 and create the default leave date, with or without a deal, these cretins couldn't visualise the manner their action then would pan out. All they believed was their mates and superiors in Berlin Brussels would guide them into a perfect scenario in which we wouldn't actually leave this dictatorship. Well, they got it nearly right. 

The behind the scenes creation of the WA on the table was everything the EUSSR does that is nasty, underhand and downright stench ridden. An enslavement that would leave the UK vulnerable to break up, paying billions to be shackled forever. That with no say, referenda or democracy ever again. Just a Parliament coining millions for sitting on their arses and a Government of eunuchs and barren lickspittles. 

Well, they'll probably get their way but it's not certain. If there is a benign, freedom loving Deity watching, we might still leave under the law and statute still in force. The EUSSR may see any extension or MEP UK representation likely to be severely of the Farage mode, as too dangerous to risk. Thus, if also a short extension but still no deal voted for, in that ship of fools, Parliament, the 29th would still stand. 

As for that wretched, terrible EU written, UK Mandarin colluded crap of an agreement. If that can be dragged back for a third time, Parliamentary rules suggest it cannot and fail yet again, the 29th should still happen. Let us hope it does. More of these children brawling and baying gets us nowhere. A clean break, warts and all is the sensible, adult answer. It also keeps us all free, for God's sake.


  1. I wonder if O R might share with us his vision of what the UK might look like if the remoaners get their way and brexit is scrapped. Will a new far right wing party rise on the wave of resentment that might engulf the nation or will we accept the devine right of the EU to rule?

  2. You are most kind to consider my humble offerings. I will reply with a post. In the meantime may I suggest we are already witnessing a Parliament and PM in thrall to the EUSSR and deep state and are showing us how our vote no longer matters.

  3. Unfortunate coincidence of dates here.
    Veiled threat ?

  4. Thank you for your reply, I await your posting with real interest. No doubt you are familiar with the prophetic book Animal Farm so I suggest we are witnessing the triumph of the pigs. Have a good weekend.