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Tuesday, 19 February 2019


Where Are We In The Present Day?

To begin I offer this picture. Whether it is Begum or not, from her own lips the barbaric terrible death inflicted by her caliphate is just fine by her. It says it's OK in the Koran. It is seemingly OK in the West's chatterati studios typified by those ghastly "Loose Women" and the in depth, intellectual prowess behind their utterings. Such acts as hinted at above are perfectly OK to underpin the invitations to chat about and laud to young, British school gatherings. I'll let you, dear reader, mull over the ridiculous vacuity demonstrated by those flimsy "loose women". Addled would suit my choice of adjective, personally.

Now to muse on the effect of those "no deal" leavers of the Labour Party. The now regarded as anti-semitic Party of the far Left. Note in such MSM mutterings "far" Left is as "far" as they will go. Not "hard" or "extreme". Those labels are reserved for the democratic "populist" Right. Still, note as said by many others and by myself yesterday, these seven leavers haven't chosen to seek a referendum from their constituents. Oh no. That's too expensive literally and politically a course of action.

However what they appear to have done is show, yet again since 2016, their utter disdain for the democratic, ordinary majority peoples' vote to leave the EUSSR. How transparently hypocritical and obvious they have, even to the less well educated of us, shown this political, Civil Service Mandarin class of deep state facilitators run bunch at Westminster real disdain for democratic basics. Ergo the majority vote, or as is said in their now flawed and dreadful Parliament, either the ayes or the nays have it. Ballot was remain or leave. I think that meant all votes cast were were ayes! 

Extending those musings further, there are small signs that the small fissure caused by their resignations from the previously main funding streams that put them in Westminster and which they now choose to betray but not repay, the dosh received may have put some fear into May's remain lot.

Bear in mind the trouncing by 230 votes she still has to overcome. Also remember that, even though these defectors are a remain rump, the EUSSR must surely realise that their usual divisive, bullying approach to all dissent isn't having much success with the Brits. The last spat of some semblance was when they cajoled and bent the Irish referendum via their tried and tested back door stealth and nastiness.

So we shall see. I sense that, though a remain defectors' gesture, I sense it's backfiring for the thoughts expressed above. May now has solid evidence and precedence to show what might well befall her party if she fails to deliver a proper, clean departure from this ghastly, expensive, corrupt and rotten cabal. 

It also shows to the electorate that there's no mileage in electing LibLabCon MPs on what they promise at election time then betray thereafter. In huge letters these defectors have scrawled across the House of Commons. "Stuff the voters, democracy, truth and decency, we know better than you little folk"! For me it seems they, the defectors, have achieved the opposite they intended. Time will tell.

Now onto the crackpot, rancid hacks of the media. In particular SKY and the BBC but most TV stations. The defections are uncomfortable and some I suspect also reason it is self defeating. Even so these grossly dishonest bunch of cretinous, well paid EUSSR mouthpieces still peddle their EUSSR allegiances and bias. 

Honda quitting Swindon, despite declarations of other factors, such as diesel emissions and loss of demand and that brexit played no part in this decision our less than honest Johns drag up obscure people to gainsay the truth. So gross but now evermore obvious and having the exact opposite effect of changing peoples' passion for leaving.

One final muse. The NFU. Just like the CBI in 2016, now staffed with remainers at the top. Urged on by the bribes for setting aside land for huge payments to further the inefficient, feudal farmers in France and Germany. Also the NFU have the other big profit, big corporate farming conglomerates profiteering from live animal exports over thousands of miles. They have the Halal slaughter people to protect as well.We only need a tiny glimpse at any remain publicity to see the claws of deep state connections to be exposed and dripping with gore.

I could go on. Let me close with this. I really believe that we may actually achieve a WTO clean break on the 29th of March. Ironically made likely not by the passion for independence and taking back control, derided by the likes of Oily Robbins, Tusk and all the other disparate, self interested failures determined to keep us shackled to the EUSSR. 

No, as with the referendum and project fear now well over three years in existence, it is the remainers' inability to justify their arguments in a fair and reasonable manner that may be the catalyst for a, not hard but rather difficult brexit. Of this I have no doubt. If we can leave as voted for, WTO is the closest way to do so with honour intact, the EUSSR will fall as hard as did the USSR. Now that's a hard brexit I can relish!

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  1. It seems that Begum has had her British citizenship removed. No matter what other issues I may have with the Home Secretary if this is true I shall email him to thank him for brave and sensible decision.