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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Disgusting Chancers.

Arrogant, Self Absorbed And Self Obsessed.

Loathsome harridans with not an ounce of decency or courage between them. Lies and obfuscation at its most obvious in political lickspittles to the deep state globalists. The day this trio and their pink socialist, blairite new "besties" are gone, I shall smile as broad as they now do. Laughing at 17 plus million voters but not prepared to risk their huge income and expenses, are they?

I've not been a supporter or Tory voter for several years now, as it genuflected, via Cameron, to Blair as their god of example for destroying democracy. That and becoming hugely wealthy on the back of the State and its tax slaves. However this motley crew are well gone from any representative Party that might choose to help them get back in. Sadly and due to their unpleasant character and dishonesty that could be for three more years, at great salary and expenses, plus a fat golden handshake and pension.

As for money, will anybody follow up this story? It certainly has a ring of truth behind it. For sure there's bound to be  Soros, deep state interest in letting off explosions in Westminster as we near the 29th of March exit date. Whatever, those grinning Macbeth actresses in the picture above are certainly up for toil and trouble. God willing a clean brexit and bright future as an independent, sovereign Nation will see them boiled in their own petard.

It is already mooted that they have forced that weather vein, Molly May, to once more point in another direction as another undemocratic breeze ripples. It is a disgrace this ghastly character was unopposed and shoehorned, ironically by the likes of those now seeking a dismissal of our leaving the EUSSR by their quitting, into number 10. 

From the first day after Camoron tucked his tail  under his arse and ran away, we should have had either a General Election, or better still, a Brexit PM and Cabinet. As things stand some gross manipulation, backed by hundreds of remain MPs, seems destined to delay our leaving, for more time to stop our departure all together.. The bordering three years to do this didn't quite go to plan. So, very EUSSR like, delay, delay delay until we rebellious scum toe the line.

Thing is we have a history of not, in the end, surrendering to bullies. So we wait and see. May still racing across the Planet waving her appeasement, soiled knickers at Juncker and co. expecting they to own up to the utter useless and poverty creating EUSSR failure. As if. These bar stewards have millions invested in pension schemes, unsustainable at that, to give not even a washing powder tablet to the supplicant camp follower May has become. Embarrassing and hateful.

As for this "Parliament seizing control" narrative. Well if they do vote for such a scenario it, in essence, means we will never see another UK Government again. Such a move would first stop (delay) us leaving on the 29th, hold EU elections and cancel Brexit. The end result total enslavement to Berlin  Brussels, the euro in 2022, oil and gas reserves handed over and probably our pensions and housing equity. if you want real project fear, check out the Lisbon Treaty. Or how close to a full embrace May's deal brings us to a vassal and humble State.

This is what this and most of our MPs and deep state Civil Service want. They may well get their way. Certainly May's ghastly fawning and chasing after the EUSSR commissariat across not only Europe but halfway round the world is a sign of how much she's prepared to humiliate her people. Gatecrashing a meeting, humiliating beyond belief. 


  1. No doubt about that description, James. Gross and ugly person on all counts.

  2. To be fair some Tory MPs are still loyal to the brexit cause and the result of the referendum and I am privileged to be represented by one such. With Labour looking more than ever like its going to support a second referendum its now hard to see anyone but the Tory party that will deliver what we voted for. The Tories are of course split from top to bottom and plagued with traitor's to democracy but I do think they might be our only remaining chance of freedom from the dreadful clutches of the EU.