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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Crashing Back In.

Or Desperately And Costly Not Leaving.

We shall not leave the EU. At least not in a decent and proper manner. May from day one of her ghastly Premiership was hell bent on ensuring we remain trapped in the sinking vessel of the EUSSR. 

Notwithstanding France is still burning, Poland, Hungary, Italy and Greece all hate the Institution, its banks are on the rocks and its economies stagnant our idiots in Westminster, circa 500 of the traitors, are about to stop any "meaningful" exit to independence and freedom. The West's gangster riven deep state of globalists will soon be seen to be victorious in conquering the British people.

"Softly, softly catchee monkey" is how they operate the deep state.

The two links remind me of the Heath betrayal and how we were lulled into believing a pack of lies then. You only need to see May's boss sat alongside the shrinking witch as she kow tows to her Fuhrerin opposite her. 

Oily Robbins two down from May. Note the smirk of a traitor.

Be ready to be forced into remaining and paying heavily for trying to leave. It will be a disaster and MPs will smirk and wallow in their perceived idleness and ever growing expenses and salaries. Until Westminster is turned into a Hotel.

For sure we are witnessing today the start of a disgusting handover of all we once held dear. As for our pensions, housing equity and all we take for granted. It'll not take long for it all to be gorged on by our masters in Berlin and Brussels. Farewell United Kingdom. I suspect today will be the beginning of the end for any meaningful Brexit as MPs swarm to vote away the Brexit we expected.


  1. Better news today that that bastard Macron, a major figure in preventing any acceptable compromise, may veto an extension. For once I actually approve of something he's said.

  2. Thank you for that, Xoggoth. Our arrogant MPs think they rule everybody. An extension would require, I believe, all 27 slave states beholden to Brussels. Many, like Macron, might well demand concessions like continued huge fishing of our depleted, over fished waters. Spain the governance of Gibraltar. So if these force a no deal exit, yippee!

  3. Westminster is already a hotel O R. A hotel that caters for our Vichy government at our expense. Got posting, than you.