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Sunday, 10 February 2019

A Name For The Brexit Truth.

Mr Martin Howe QC.

As a passionate leave supporter, I often have to look far and wide to find powerful intellects allowed by our EU masters airtime or space. At last I have found such a hero. No doubt one of many, including Rod Liddle. That their and this Barrister's voices and their powerful, irrefutable arguments are hard to find is but another factor behind our growing enslavement to Big Brother. 

This deep state that can stifle such voices is evil and horrific. Unless they can get constant knock backs, thank you gilet jaune, the human race and its oppression will get ever more terrible and nasty.

So,  my handful of loyal readers, try if you will, to promote Mr Howe's input. A friend in need applies to all of us. particularly those of a leave persuasion.
He wrote his attack on May's puppeteers' Withdrawal Agreement as a Barrister. Downing Street's rebuttal was puerile and pathetic. Yet it is the latter who has a gun to our heads. Wrong on every count of decency and morality.

Here is a link to the rebuttal. This isbut a flavour of the initial argument. The start of his article is here. The rest, unfortunately costs. Still, the start alone tells us to be very afraid. 


  1. So many of us over the years have tried to make sure we leave the EU and make political change via the ballot box. This posting is so accurate when it says things can be done other ways but they tend to be very unpleasant. Why oh why can't the voters and their so called representatives in Westminster see this? Are they blind to the terrible mistakes of the past and can't they see the beginning of violent change all over Europe. Let's pray we can avoid violent change in UK but some how I am starting to doubt we will. Only 47 days to go now O R :-)

  2. I suspect that we will not actually leave in 47 days, Anon. More delay to cross deep state tees and make sure we remain as a vassal State.