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Monday, 18 February 2019

A Fascinating Start To A New Week.

Time For Me To Post Again, Methinks.

My first thoughts on this event this morning was good for them. Standing up for their principles. Then I thought again. I have always argued on this blog that if an MP quit his of her Party they should resign their seat and stand as an independent. 

Their election was under a previously held but no longer, allegiance to a Party which facilitated their opportunity to stand and be supported by that Party and its activists, leaflet foot sloggers and all of the machine an election campaign requires for success. It is my belief that this lucrative career is one nobody should hang onto if their status at election changes dramatically.

It's dishonest and lacks credibility when they won't take the risk of losing their seats in an election. If not dishonest, certainly immoral. It's also fascinating that they all appear to be ardent europhiles and remainers. perhaps they see careers with the EUSSR unelected commissars. Who knows?

What is for sure, it makes, at first glance, nought but a futile gesture. Time will tell. As for a possible Brexit influence, I doubt it will make a jot of difference. The powerful, global elite have surely allowed May's stubborn presence to ensure we never leave is untouchable. How I would love to be wrong but I feel it in my bones I am not.

The likely scenario will be a delay followed by a very bad deal, years of hardship and slavery to the globalist vindictive power and a humble surrender. The loss of the pound, the UK per se and a massive bill on top of that already on the table, to buy a degree of humble forgiveness for our intransigence. Baroness May will be well rewarded, just you see. As might the less than magnificent 7.


  1. Some of us "old timers" have seen groups like this before. Its most likely they will sooner or later find a way back into their old party. In any event what they have done will make not a jot of difference to anything.

  2. I'm getting the sneakiest of feelings we're going to be thanking May on March 30th for pulling the wool over the eyes of the remainer horde and us sneaking out of the EU simply because there hasn't been an agreement.

    If this happy turn of events proves to be the case, the only reason is the owners of the country wanted the Tory party to survive, for that is the only reason why and the only way we will get a Brexit.

    Time will tell, if i'm right or completely barking, but i think we have lived through one of the biggest game of charade's ever played, and because the 17.4 million generally are genuine stubborn bloody Brits, who are quite capable of carrying out their threat to destroy the Tories if provoked enough, we will get our Brexit by default.


  3. Anon, you are absolutely right on this with one hopeful caveat, as described by Judd. I find his thinking joyous in content but my once youthful optimism has been failed by UK and EUSSR politics now for decades. Only resurfacing when I see the democratic, or in "newspeak" language, populism, from we ordinary folk!