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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

The Wriggling Of Our EU Parliament In Westminster.

Our Democracy Hanging By A Thread.

Last night in our UK House of Commons, EU branch, of Parliament, the idiot lackeys of the EUSSR sought to neuter the referendum result. They promised this as a first small step towards relinquishing total control of the UK by the Government and passing it meekly and finally to the totalitarian, German run EUSSR. It was a shameful, self interested move by MPs with more to gain personally than we shall ever know.

We get to see the money and deals done by our media if we care to look. The BBC first. Then billions for SKY's bunch. so immediately this self interest and the grubby outcome of propaganda and EUSSR bias is revealed for the pieces of silver they represent. Treachery and money grubbing nastiness.

These same elements drive most of the Establishment of the global establishments now swallowing whole politicians and governments. Ours leading the way in these shabby, hidden collusions. So when the odd mad women like Soubry and Burley whinge at being shouted at they would do well to wonder why such anger. That it's "far right" is bollocks. It's a vast, 17.5 million strong at least. 

As for the stupid debate kicking off once more, it is likely to fail if she holds the vote next week. My guess there will be either a delay produced to Article 50 or some other undemocratic, remain in the EUSSR at all costs tactic beloved of the EUSSR's long game tricks employed for decades. That we will actually and completely leave this cabal is questionable.

Whatever happens, anything but a referendum people voted for will lead, at some point, to civil war. That the rubbish children now ensconced in Parliament, bar a handful of adults, realise what this will mean is almost certainly beyond their tiny minds. One such child stated to Bunter Boulton that the withdrawal, 575 page document was too complicated for her to read was a perfect example of the idiocy and ignorance we are forced to tolerate.

Transfer this mental deficiency to the likes of Cabinet buffoons like Grayling and you realise that this motley bunch of clowns are placements designed to thwart any "meaningful" action that is not sanctioned by the despots in Europe. May another such weak, controlled and out of her depth figure of weakness and cunning.

Of all else of which I'm certain, the anger will spill over as any hope of an honourable, sovereign future disappears from sight. The French are already poised to spill over into outright revolution. Macron happy to oblige with evermore draconian and violent responses. Soubry, her ilk such as Clarke, Letwin and Adonis, to name but few of hundreds now plaguing our lives, together with the media really think that a few harsh words of protest are dreadful haven't seen anything yet. Too stupid to see their compliance in forcing the EUSSR towards a blood soaked conflict. One they will, eventually lose.


  1. At last we are starting to see the true extent of the betrayal that is being foisted onto the British electorate. MPs now believe that they can act as Kings and Queens and forget all the silliness that they are supposed to represent the people who voted for them. The trouble is in UK they can do just that and the British unlike the French will do nothing. All that is required for evil to flourish is that good people do nothing and apart from moaning down the pub that's just what we do here. We can't even be bothered to vote for those who at considerable risk to themselves and their loved ones stand up for the things we say we want.

    As for all the snowflakes who are whinging about being shouted at. Well it was fine when we on the right and the brexiteers were being mobbed, insulted, threatened and spat at so why are you any different. Oh sorry I forgot you are the ruling classes and how dare the great unwashed do such things to you. Death threats not so nice after all then?

  2. Anon, you are correct. However we were in an identical situation to 1938 which led our appeasing MPs to enter WW2 less prepared than we ought to have been. God willing we will leave on WTO terms and win that war which will follow, as the vengeful deep state do their utmost to defeat us. we already have a French resistance and Italian getting stronger by the day. The Poles too, I suspect, see the parallels to my comparison.