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Saturday, 5 January 2019

The Tiresome Establishment And Their Deep State Smugness.

Wikipedia’s ‘Far Right’ Smear.

I have been absent over the holiday due to a nasty infection but back close to normal at last. I am reproducing a piece today to show what we are all up against as the deep state seek to suppress and slander any opposition to their global aims to eradicate nations, cultures and races. The lies and blatant smears will only get worse. I fear for the future and the violence building across Europe as the only option becoming left to stop this evil. Read and understand the import of the despicable nastiness.

"Wikipedia describes For Britain as a “far right” party (1). This is untrue. The newspaper articles Wikipedia cites as references make no attempt to justify the smear. Wikipedia has locked the page so only top-level editors with more than 25,000 edits to their name can alter it.

Wikipedia’s justification for claiming For Britain is “far right”

Wikipedia does not justify the “far right” description itself but gives references to three newspaper articles.
Its main reference is to a Times article by Will Humphries dated 12th October 2017 
(2), with the headline “Ukip loser Anne Marie Waters will start far-right party”. At that time Anne Marie had only just announced she was leaving UKIP. For Britain, insofar as it existed at all, was the handful of people around her and it had not yet declared any policies. Anne Marie had not said she would create a “far right” party. Will Humphries, therefore, had no basis for describing the party as “far right”, and indeed in his article, he made no attempt to justify the smear.
The second reference is to an article in Politico by Rosemary Belson dated 12th October 2017 
(3), which mostly repeats the Times article. It does, however, say, “Waters said she decided to found the new far-right party”. This is untrue: Anne Marie never said she would “found a new far-right party”.

Wikipedia’s final reference supposedly supporting its “far right” description is to an article in Plymouth Live by Keith Rossiter dated 10th April 2018 (4), which makes a passing mention of For Britain as “far right” with no justification.

A fourth article referenced by Wikipedia also supports the “far right” smear: Sean O’Driscoll in The Times of 10th October 2017 (5). O’Driscoll wrote, “A woman from Dublin who lost the Ukip leadership battle is to set up her own far-right party. Anne Marie Waters, who is originally from Stoneybatter, is planning to establish For Britain to capitalise on the electoral demise of the British National Party (BNP).” O’Driscoll has made two untrue claims here: Anne Marie did not say she wanted to set up a far-right party and she has never expressed any intention that For Britain should replace the BNP.

So do For Britain’s policies show it to be a far-right party?

To answer this we must first define what “far right” is. The Oxford English Dictionary’s definition is “Belonging to or representing the views of the extreme right wing of a political party or group”. This is unhelpful in that according to the OED only a wing of a political party or group can be far right, not an entire political party. Clearly, some parties really are far right in their entirety, such as Golden Dawn in Greece .

Why then have we been labelled “far right”? What For Britain is unique for is our total opposition to mass uncontrolled immigration and the ever-accelerating Islamification of the UK. Enough people to fill a new city the size of Birmingham are moving net to England every three years. Britain’s Muslims have been doubling their numbers every 13 years since the 1981 census, much of it due to immigration for marriage. 40 Labour MPs owe their election to Muslim votes. 

Given that there is no basis for calling For Britain “far right” in our statements or our policies, this appears to be the only reason people on the Left have labelled us “far right”. It is designed to make people dismiss us as far right and stop them looking at our actual policies. None of For Britain’s policies are mentioned on our Wikipedia page; they cannot be, for if they were it would be clear to readers that our policies are not far right and the smear is untrue. Even Golden Dawn gets its policies listed on Wikipedia.

This is a malice-aforethought misuse of the words “far right”. The Left is using it as a weapon to close down the thinking of anybody interested in For Britain, not because the description is justified by any possible interpretation of “far right” or any similar phrase in the Oxford English Dictionary. If opposition to mass uncontrolled immigration and the Islamification of the UK makes someone “far right”, that makes most of the UK’s voters far right." accessed 31/12/2018

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    1. Your points are well made. In UK today anyone who does not agree with the establishment or the numerous snowflakes and apologist's for the left or the EU is labelled "far right, racist or Nazi". It the modern equivalent of being called a witch. Its almost impossible to prove your not a witch as anything you say in you defense will instantly be called a lie. Quick, easy , unjust, and undemocratic but the establishment and the left deals in lies and deceit and is only concerned with how to further its own agenda by any means possible fair or foul. When all else fails they will resort to the rent a mob tactic and air brush history (if you are lucky). We need to be ever on our guard against these people if we are even to survive let alone prosper.