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Sunday, 27 January 2019

The Deep State Partly Exposed.

They Need,  Wealth Regardless, To Control Us All.

From an essay on Animal Farm.

This shocking and gross statistic shames the human race. For the whole time I have been blogging I have, for circa one decade, written about the deep state and globalisation. Always with a despairing angle as to how nasty the influence of a select and fortunate few, run our lives.

The Monsanto use of pesticides and genetically modifying processed food ingredients, banking greed and corruption, political sycophants, drug barons and other criminal, gangster dynasties all the source of pain and poverty for the masses and the poorest. That pain and poverty colluded in by the rest of the "movers and shakers" in the exploitation, via cheap labour, prostitution of any age or the sex of the  victims. Ergo where we see vast populations of extreme poverty we see the handiwork of the "26" deep state cadres.

Without further research I can name only two probable suspects. The Rothschilds and the Saudi Royal Family. The other 24 would be fascinating to identify. We must, however, bear in mind that there will be several thousands outside this grouping who are still rich beyond measure. I suggest quite a few of those second string billionaires will be salivating on the payroll of the core 26 with the promise of assistance to join their elite circle.

The Obamas, The Clintons, Blairs and many, many others. Look no further than the EU Commissioners for tame "Animal Farm" pigs promised the earth after helping the other creatures appear to have dumped their tyrant human. Those pigs also find themselves cast aside when it becomes a requirement of the pecking order of the day.

 Now consider the power of the "26". They can destroy all nations, cultures and loyalties. Is this why we see such a drive to foster the Islamic tenet of destruction of all such human and instinctive need for bonding, support  and protection in favour of a "big brother" subjection? A subjection policed by a tame Imam Officer Corps. For what purpose, you might ask.

Power and control over others in order to retain and even expand the power and wealth needed to protect this deep state. Power that now not only buys politicians, gangsters and economic, finance administrators, trade and produce but can buy whole nations to add to their evil, global dominance.

The Brits voting for leaving the EU, the Americans voting for The Donald were major set backs. Both unexpected and necessary to minimise, spoil and blacken. Hence the demonisation of Russia, sold as the real power behind Trump's triumph. Hence the huge remain propaganda, May's delay in leaving to give her puppet masters time to recover. as they now appear to be doing. For this deep state, an independent UK, or even a "gilet jaune" victory in France, is not welcome at all. Not if it threatens the 26 dynasties. 

I could go on. Yet I suspect most who read my blog from time to time can continue their own searching minds as to how this state of affairs is reflected in our lives. War for no reason but arms sales and the continuance of research into weaponry so expensive as to fuel much of the 26 deep state exchequers. Drugs not far behind. The CIA used to facilitate production and distribution. 

Billions earnt from the misery of addiction as nought but for our powerful 26 et al,collateral damage. Just as the under age European kids now sexually used and abused to attract the Islamification of the West's troublesome whites' cultural and once so successful nations. it's very deep, is it not? Well, it is a deep state. One with fewer senior, supreme powers than their very own EU.

This EU construct facing dire threats. One, or at least was, from we Brits. Yet the Italians are seeing the light and so are the French "gilet" wearers. Is it any wonder next week their patsies in Westminster and Whitehall are being instructed to stop our leaving on any real, democratic terms. Our, or rather, their, Yvette Coopers, Amber Rudds and their real boss, no mates Hammond are on big money to screw the UK.

If Corbyn chooses not sup from these very short spoons, he's to be thought better of than the remain 13 pieces of silver lot. However he will be under huge pressure by the deep state to toe the line. A line that has no bearing on the old political labelled but now outdated badges. Left and right, extreme right, fascists are all terms no longer valid. It's surrender to the deep state or risk death. Literally and as free human beings. 50% of the world's poorest already enslaved. 

One last point so often made. Putin and Russia, Xi and China now stand as bulwarks against the 26.  Or at least until 2016 and the Brits leave victory, Pyhrric as it looks to have been bur bolstered by the "gilets jaune", Italian Government, Poland, Hungary, Holland and so forth. Hey, maybe the 26 deep state trillionaires are loosing their grip. God willing.

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  1. Well said O R as always an interesting and informative posting. Today the BBC are talking about martial law if we get a no deal brexit, project hysteria at its finest. Who do they think will believe this utter rubbish ?