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Thursday, 17 January 2019

Orchestrated Deep State Dictatorship.

Supported By A Treacherous Parliament.

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The present situation today, as the kill brexit, mass movement continues its lies, secrecy and lacing up the jackboots of the deep state dictators' armies of media and tame politicians, we get this. appalling and nauseating, paid for by us, creep no longer bothered at being exposed. This story alone, almost certainly true, proves beyond doubt where May has always been coming from.

She has procrastinated, lied and deceived day after day and seemingly been able to trap and defenestrate both her brexit Tory real representatives of the people and Corbyn's Labour Party cretins. By this I mean how the Tory confidence vote came too soon, as did Corbyn's. Both would have served the people and the UK by waiting until she was exposed by her 230 vote trouncing and then have let her waffle again for a few days until next week.

Corbyn's vote then would have had more clout with the Tory's own, to remove her for a proper brexit PM, following her narrow Commons' confidence vote win. Also her pathetic exposure, via Hammond's real interests and greedy self centered nastiness, would have shown her up. Still, she's still there and very much running her secret plans to keep us firmly under the jackboot of the corporate, deep state's EUSSR paddy wagon. Sod the mixed metaphor.

The vote to leave the EUSSR was never won on economic, personal wishes for a comfortable life. That "business", economic desperate weapon and project fear was and still is, the only thing driving the remain rearguard but ultra powerful, remain stitch up. The leave vote was a deep seated expression of a basic human need. Freedom from dictatorship.

How leftard, socialist besotted fools can support the remain camp of wealthy, secretive, deep state excrement, is beyond me. Labour and brexit Tories should be as one in wishing to escape from the Orwellian future slowly becoming a reality. Instead they, Labour in particular, are clinging to old beliefs of equality, fairness and freedom being available to everyone.

That's impossible. People have different talents and skills. Many have none. The Planet is overpopulated and unsustainable unless the intelligent have freedom to look after and defend the weak from dictatorship. One that now demands the weak and prolific worker ants be shipped across the globe to where they can best service the greed of the deep state few. 

After the referendum, fiddled and bent by Government cash, power and propaganda, together with a very dubious high turn out, the deep state were shocked to the core the real high turnout in favour of leave trumped their vote rigging. That will not be allowed next time, if there is one. I can see a 68% vote for leave and a 72% vote for remain. My maths are not wrong. That's the number of fiddled votes required for a certain remain victory.

As to what can be done. I guess zero for we worker ants. We really are screwed and I sadly revert to my prediction dating back to May's theft of the Premiership. It will not happen. Certainly not a proper clean break. Indeed, as the EU's close, incestuous relationship with our Establishment civil service and political class gets ever closer and more devious we can expect a fearful, dreadful final "deal".

A deal likely to provoke the break up  of the UK sooner and more significant than the crap deal Oily Robbins and the EU got May and her simple mind to sign up to and were she younger, climax over, with one of her ghastly facial gurns telling her manipulators she had fully enjoyed the screw. It's not her dogged, stubborn, "giving the people the brexit they voted for", keeping her where she is. It's her useful idiocy for the deep state. Corbyn's stupidity in calling for that confidence vote dafter than the premature Tory one to oust her.

Why? He was never going to win that at that moment, for sure. If he really wanted to be a man of the people he should be the flag bearer for "no deal" purely on the grounds that any deal bar WTO will be a bad deal. In the past Labour Governments wrecked our economy and society. Guess what, they got dumped, voted out and shown up. So even a Corbyn Government free of the EUSSR and a total disaster, could still be voted out.

As things stand, Article 50 will be extended or revoked. We will be bribed with some wonderful gifts to remain. Parliament will whoop and cheer as the gun smoke of brexit, mostly fired by themselves, clears. The euro will be introduced within a year, our Parliament permanently dissolved and all MPs given peerages and untold wealth. We worker ants will be allowed to graft until dead. The average life expectancy will tumble for the masses to 40 years of age when their labour becomes no longer required.

That latter point already beginning to set in as life expectancy is already showing a decline. Now sufficient to be reported. After all, who will need millions of worker ants when robots will be doing everything for the rich and powerful? Something along these lines is the deep state's desire. Even if subconscious, the signs are all around us. This brexit crap a small but still, for those of us living it, a significant matter. If only showing the slip beneath the folds of their skirts.

We really do look as if we have been completely outmaneuvered. Sadly the consequences will only be bad for the many and only good for the few. The likes of May, Hammond and most Parliamentarians, have but one goal. Not to be amongst the many if they can help it. Mad Max may have other ideas of course. Right now I see Mad Max wearing a gilet jaune! Fearsome and none selective in "his" barbaric violence. Westminster will burn. Just who actually lights the fire is another matter. 


  1. I do hope things don't turn out quit as bad as that but its not going to be much fun and that's for sure. We do have to ask if the bulk of the electorate brought this on themselves, over the years they have been warned repeatedly and given the opportunity to vote for freedom loving right wing parties. They have resolutely voted for the same old faces and more of the same, its hard to help people who don't want to be helped.

  2. Can't argue with that but I consider the decades of apathy were instilled via media propaganda and crap education. Add mass third world immigration and drain on resources, why vote?