Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019


The Present Parliament Couldn't Manage A Piss Up In A Brewery.

I have no idea why or where from this unnecessarily delayed, procrastinated vote became known as meaningful. Given our Parliament now answers, in the main, to a globalist and EUSSR run subservience, all of the Brexit business, in both Houses, are prededicated to stopping the UK becoming its own sovereign State again.

Why must lie in the "meaningful", evidenced state of a Western based, post WW2 belief that power globally and a subservient, loyalty deprived, non National or tribal allegiance based, natural human leaning, must go hand in hand. The one irony I see is the belief that to crush the more independent but no longer well educated West's seed corn, the use of Islamic mass migration and disruption, allied to terrorist brutality and fear, is a useful instrument.

The idea that a massive clash of cultures, the misogyny and evil practiced by one side can become victorious against generations and centuries of civilised, evolved populations and societies is looking a bit skewed. However, like the ailing and declining EUSSR, the facts surrounding this globalist ambition are looking less and less desirable. Even for the very global, corporate and banking cabals running this gross ambition for power and riches to be in the hands of so few.

So in the light of the foregoing, the protests in France, the decay throughout Europe itself, the AfD rise in Germany and the Polish/Italian alliances to the right look inevitably to gain evermore traction. That the freedoms gained with the overthrow of the Nazi occupations and then the Soviet collapse were so precious to many victims of both, should tell the fools in the globalist "elite" circles that their desired dominance is not likely to survive either.

Now that likely future scenario, no matter the timescale, is probably inevitable. This consideration of yet another Empire going the way of history and the spin offs such as the EU cretinous creation is what I would regard as meaningful. If, therefore this "remain" Parliament were to fail to stop a genuine, clean, basically eff off, break from the clutches of the likes of that drunken fool Juncker and his very unpleasant successor, Martin Selmayr once more this would be "meaningful".

What is not meaningful is Parliament's desire to hand us over to a German heavily in the mold cast from the past. If you think not, ask yourself who's advising Macron on his heavy handed, Gestapo like crackdown on his people? Why do they want a European Army? What's the possibility of truth in these suggestions? How come Macron is using helicopter forces to attack protesters? Somebody is pulling some fearful and nasty strings. That's meaningful.

However none of this violent suppression will feature in the Brexit debate, will it? Does it? So where's the meaningful aspects of this vote when so much goes unsaid? Indeed if we look again at private, citizen footage of the crackdown in France and now, once more Greece, which is ignored in the Brexit project fear from "remainers", when staying in the EUSSR is far more scary. Whatever the outcome of this wretched business, if we do not leave as voted for, our only protest left will face the same violence now spreading across Europe. Again, that's "meaningful" but not even mentioned.



  1. May I respectfully refer you to Orwell's book 1984? I suggest what we are now looking at is the introduction of "Newspeak" and it can and will mean whatever the ideological needs of our Lords and masters require.

  2. Anon, you are right to refer 1984. The most prescient book ever written about UK politics and its future. One morphing into the Pigs running, badly, "Animal Farm".