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Monday, 21 January 2019

Another Week Of Propaganda Underway.

Disgusting And Blatant Bias And Project Fear Getting Ever More Desperate.

Few remain plonkers there today, must be on their coffee break. Note the bespoke EUSSR new swastika substitute "flags" and now banners, as the backdrop. Not a Union flag to be seen. Such is the deep, deep control and arrogance of our Establishment and their mouthpieces. Such as this Gosling woman and her bosses. We are subjugated to a daily flow of propaganda learnt at the knee of Goebbels. His modern flags placed oh so prominently. 

Bunty Boulton's no better. A studio discussion, for a change, avoiding the now staked out BBC "studio" above, for a while. No doubt negotiating a renewal of their demonstrators' weekly appearance money and leaving the space vacant for the BBC props above. Boulton's three guests were Stephen, nursed at the tit of EU wealth, via his multi millionaire parents and now the front face of that despicable and hypocritical, nascent dynasty. He given prime billing on this Boulton pantomime. The Prince Charming alongside "King" Ben, that precious benefits cheat, Bradshaw. That pair backed up with some ardent, albeit obscure Tory remainer female lackey.

Let me digress for one moment. Bradshaw starred in the expenses scandal almost ten years since. That disgraceful exposure of the Members of Parliament and their grasping air of self entitlement greed, is long gone. However the very shady and nasty betrayals of the British people never changed. Lip service the only outcome of that time. Add the same lip service to bullying, not least by the poison dwarf, Berk Bercow, then ask if these ghastly folk are worthy of representing, in the main, we, the people?

Much of my post so far tells us, there is a great deal more hidden corruption and sheer evil that is  allied with the Mandarin Civil Service Class. Oily Olly Robbins but one. I am certain they helped, behind the scenes, to ensure Molly May was crowned PM without any opposition or chance for the membership to have voted in a Brexit MP and Cabinet. Blackmail, Peerage or Knighthood bribery just some of the tools employed, back in 2016 and now just these recent last few days.

However, behind all this was one unexpected nightmare for these people. Despite £9,000,000 of our own hard earnt tax money used to bribe or promote propaganda leaflets to remain in the UK. Despite the dubious record voting figures, swelled I suspect by huge government, EUSSR additional ballot papers. Despite Barry Obummer's script written by Coward Cameron, the lot of them LOST the referendum.

There was nothing said about the vote to leave that it was conditional on a trade deal. Most of us expected we would quit, trade for a given period, even pay something for a short time, whilst trade deals were renegotiated down the line. All of which would have been done as a now reborn, free, sovereign Nation. That we should be force fed nearly three years of biased, project fear, endless 24/7, deep sate bilge, was not expected.

At least not until May was eased gently into her sniper station at Number 10 to pick off leave dissenters and protesters against the methods to be employed to keep us in. Yet still the siren songs ring out, the "no deal" meme ringing from the Minarets of the Establishment or should that be the Towers of Westminster. The Brexit "crisis" no more than the endless sour grapes and underhand cunning of the remain gangsters. 

People and cliques even now funded with millions if not billions to promote the undemocratic, deep state, drunk with power and drugged with arrogance and the belief in democracy that must be crushed forever. Mass immigration but one tool in their armoury to water down and dilute cultural pride, National identities and family yearnings. 

As for the Establishment's and Parliamentary success since joining the EUSSR of crooks and corrupt Commissars, look around you you stupid elitists. Children now raped every minute of the day across Europe. Cultural and gangster activity now in control of towns and cities from Southern Greece to John O'Groats. A drug culture turning our Countries into Mad Max training grounds. Police and authority only what it is allowed to be. The police, judiciary and slowly but surely, the military are all becoming tools of the Establishment in a frightening evolving dictatorship of evil scum.

If we do not leave properly, on the 29th of March, which looks more and more unlikely, all the horrors of child abuse, drug wars, murder and rampaging gangs and gangsters will take hold forever. The Establishment, as so often predicted in futuristic drama, will become holed up in luxury but still prisoners of their own entrapment. All the drug taking debauchery becoming their downfall. All our futures put at risk of annihilation. 

My age group may just be the last to have ever really earnt the happiness and contentment old fashioned, Christian and family based loyalties offered. Now not only gone but trampled by so many, with glee, into the dust of history. They can't see it but we were the ones who were right. The coming world destruction will prove it. The signs are already writ large. Have a good week!

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