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Wednesday, 30 January 2019

A Rare Day For A Brexiteer Wry Smile.

Not Counting Chickens Though.

I did expect the remain lot to have got "no deal" taken away last evening. Instead the best they could do was a non-binding amendment by gay porn Internet browser, Jack Dromey and a "woman" I once had many political acquaintances with. She and her husband, Spelman,  were a grasping, greedy and very dubious pair indeed. Manipulative and devious pair who have used her MP status to line their pockets extremely well. A shame their parenting skills were left behind.

Given both signatories' characters, I feel they make a very typical coupling of Vaz like individuals with some very strange proclivities. Whatever, that failed migrant Landlady, home switching made me and Balls millionaires, Cooper and Europhile Boles, "they pay me far more than my MP income of a paltry £150,000 plus" attempts to stop a no deal WTO Brexit was lost, astounded me.

Bully Bercow chose three such amendments, in the belief his little person strutting was the key to total power over the Executive and the only bargaining chip we have with the Commissars and their boss in the pic above, WTO, would be gone forever. Wrong! I bet his evening's luxury dinner, best claret and port tax payer's money can buy and all the trimmings of his undeserved lifestyle, was less enjoyable than the day's salivating anticipation.

Now I did preface with a counting chickens line. Still, after well over two years of remain media dominance, smug bias and propaganda, it has been good to see Bunty Boulton's smug demeanor rattled. Not least when he physically pounced at a Die Welt Woman's claim the EU was responsible for the wonderful work they did on the "Good Friday Agreement". 

I suspect his love of Bliar's misappropriation of that credit was too much to bear, hearing it further claimed by some ignorant German. One also sulking over yesterday's failure by her Reich's Chancellor Merkel to retain her dominance over the UK's to date weak behaviour and subservience by unrepresentative of the electorate MPs.

I have to say I'm still concerned about the cost of any deal, bar WTO, to our Country.  As I posted yesterday, £39 billion up front plus, I assume the normal annual payments. Not a nice picture. 1. Then there is this matter, Not a nice picture. 2This vat cost picture. 3. As I understand the present "agreement", the cost for a minimum two year transition period can go as high as in 2015, £2.7 billion VAT at least, per annum, extra. The rebate will be stopped, so our net per annum would be circa £18.7 billion x 2. So in just two years we would cough up £76.4 billion whilst at the mercy of EU diktats likely to cost many times more than my amateur calculations.

Just consider some of the EUSSR possible demands. European Army build up costs. Blackmailing over big present day projects like Airbus. All manner of snide, archetypal EU secret agreements, behind closed doors, to rip off the gullible, Hammond led, Treasury. Every which way we twist and turn, only a clean break, no more bungs and no more "protection" style racketeering can stop the dark costs and theft the EU adores.

So I'm still fearful. Not of a WTO period of difficulties and problems. Far more the ensnaring, still on the cards, of that terrible spider's web that is the EUSSR. Here is a man ready and willing to tear the UK to pieces. A "Hitler" spoof over last night's failure to kill our WTO option, featuring Selmyr, would be very close to a reincarnation from the ashes of that Berlin bunker..

So my fellow,true Brexit patriots, there were 17,410,742 in 2016, probably many more today, have that wry smile and enjoy the rare media squirming. Note Grieve's demeanor, such joy, too. We still have much to fear but today we have a chink of light.


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