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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Is A Deal Which Lost BY 230 Votes Still There?

How's This Possible?

All this rubbish in Parliament is a disgrace. The reality of this "Agreement" is that it, regardless of honeyed words, platitudes and effing "backstops" is disgraceful. Close inspection of this binding treaty is that it ties us by our genitals to a large electric wire with an on off switch in the hands of the EUSSR Commissars. Not only is that manufactured backstop a snare, much of the rest of the EU written treaty is of the same ilk. So is this what May looks likely to get passed soon? Scratches head.

Here is a copy. I doubt the thickos and children in Westminster have read much of it. Or if they have cannot, as indeed one of them said publicly, understand a word. Note for example "citizens rights". Part 2 of six parts. This removes "free movement" for UK expats to other Federal States. That's like the USA model, to which the EUSSR aspires, banning Californians from Los Angeles. However that's but one small matter in this wretched bear trap.

Note the concessions to Spain over Gibraltar. A small wedge for down the road transfer of sovereignty is my interpretation. Yet above all else, we are required to pay our subs until at least December 2020. Plus the £39 BILLION bung. Also in there is a liability until 2064 to pay into their pension pots. How we are expected to thrive with these millstones round our necks is a joke. Albeit a very funny one to the Commissars and beneficiaries of this daylight robbery.

Look at part 4. The fees and levies can be extended on and on infinitum. Aty least the mechanisms are there to argue to the benefit of law firms already being created to milk this joke of a treaty down the road. Just look closely as to the part 2 legal summary. Section B Continued application of EU law.
Firstly that law will remain paramount without formal (i.e zero) UK participation in its making. That'll make MPs semi redundant for a minimum of two years. Nice little earner though.

It gets worse. EU citizens in the UK will be under EU law for likely ever. At least able to pick and choose. Defecating in the street made legal in the EUSSR. So then can be done in the UK without any penalty. Mind you, some might say no change there then. 

Think that's it, do you. Next bit, after a transition smokescreen, EU law will apply to the separation and financial "settlement" for some considerable time. Do you know what? This "deal" or as I see it sell out, is as big as Heath's and his Civil Service cronies' ever was. This whole "deal" is designed to handicap us all so badly we will struggle to thrive. Remainers will poke every little sore and scab for years and years. To the point we'll surrender, rejoin under conditions far worse than the poor Greeks ever were treated to and we will be conquered.

Maybe I won't see all of the terrible future. Maybe miss out on seeing the pound sink under the weight of an enforced euro currency imposed. I hope not to see the EU Army stomp their jackboots over the British Isles but it's enshrined in this treaty as sure as eggs. As for jackboots, witness the horrors in France right now. 

Today it may well step even closer to fruition. Unlike Churchill's "We shall never surrender", I truly believe we shall. May even be later today.

Paris, 1940, London 2020?

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