Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Some Warming Leave Cheer.

An Escape From The Deep State Remain Cretins.


  1. Thanks for putting that up Rightie, well worth the time.

    Once again Rees-Mogg shows the world what a statesman with honour and integrity looks and sounds like, which is almost a guarantee that he will never lead the (looking increasingly) doomed Tory party.


  2. Petition to leave EU under WTO rules :-

    Over 60,000 people signed it in last 24 hours

  3. Signed that petition earlier today.
    I see that on the 14th the government trotted out their usual line of bullshit about how the Withdrawal Agreement - or surrender document as I call it - is the best option for the UK and delivers on the referendum result. Like fuck it does!!!!!

    Approaching 150,000 signatures now.
    Wouldn't it be lovely if 17 million people signed it?

    I can dream....

  4. I am starting to have very real doubts about Farage, he spouts a good fight day after day but has done nothing concrete for brexit for years. Once the referendum result was out he ran for the hills and now its getting hot he leaves UKIP as well. Could he be just another mouth on a stick fleecing the situation for all its worth?