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Thursday, 20 December 2018

Is The Nanny State A Killer?

Nagging Over Cost.

Before I launch into a minor tirade let me make one thing clear. In the main, well over 90% is my guess, the NHS coal face is second to none. My and Mrs OR's experiences of potentially fatal illnesses and our survival has been nothing short of miraculous. That our NHS is floundering is based on two significant factors. One an inability to forecast demand year on year due to uncontrolled immigration. The second a politicised management on huge salaries and pensions and perks prepared to ignore the first factor.

Not only have we this mass immigration but the origin of many such individuals introduce, once very rare or eradicated diseases, back into our midst, such as TB and additionally diseases never before seen in our Country. That the coal face cope as well as they do is in itself nothing short of miraculous.

However, on top of all else we have a 24/7 media culture which seizes on Government reports, pronouncements and cajoling, hectoring "advice" that for many, myself included, engenders a sense of "do not seek medical help" unless you are very, very poorly. Hence my post today for exactly this whatever you do, suck it up, there's thousand and thousands of folk in greater need than you.

Thing is alive, I pay far more tax than if demised! So isn't the nagging agenda, likely as not, possible to reduce income to the State as it is to help reduce demand? I really believe it does. Those prepared to "obey" edicts and take heed are not the problem, surely. It is the millions who ring 999 because they can't open a bottle top or wipe their bum.

Let me explain, before I lose the energy just returning sporadically. Circa two weeks ago I bit into a locally prepared venison sausage. Whilst chewing I felt a severe stab to the rear of my mouth. So bad I stopped chewing and attempted to spit out something sharp embedded in the rear of my mouth close to being swallowed.

Now I can't be certain that was the beginning of getting to where I am right now. I spent many minutes trying to dislodge the offending article creating bleeding from the area suffered but nothing was too obviously visible other than the tiny, circular wound itself. I also could not identify any object spat out but the stabbing sensation did abate and the bleeding quickly stop. All this was circa early in the first few days of December.

Now move to Sunday last. I woke with a raging and dreadful sore throat, painful coughing and nose blowing. We went into overdrive cold and flu symptom relief. Balm impregnated tissues, cough medicine, throat lozenges, paracetamol et al. Zero help. Monday, after a sleepless, painful night, worse. Tuesday now feeling close to comatose, Wednesday morning after a night drenched in sweat and feeling worse than after a quadruple by-pass op 5 years ago, Mrs OR rang our surgery.

With my history they urged me to go in. Though extremely difficult and painful, we managed. Though racked with guilt and feeling a wimp and failure, I saw my local GP. With one quick examination he diagnosed a severe bacterial infection and prescribed a strong course of antibiotics and an instantly soothing clinical mouthwash. This just over 24 hours since.

I'm still some way to go but at last on the mend. Thank you, thank you NHS. Sod you Nanny State. The latter condemned me to days of dangerous exposure to an infection which most certainly would have seen off less fit or older, vulnerable folk. Probably many, like myself, not wishing to be a burden or a bother but have our conscientiousness used against us. As many charities also seek to do. 

It's not just in health, though, is it. Brexit is a mess of the PTB's making for one simple reason. Vested self interest. So, as with the Nanny State hectoring, we get the remain agenda of "we know better". Something, as with health, the patient may know better but warned off even thinking they might. 

So, there you go. The EUSSR is not a virus. It's a bacterial soup of nasty, constantly growing and multiplying, rotting and painfully destroying bugs. Let is go untreated and the rotten, decaying spread will never end until the putrefying consequences of its existence are in plain sight. A few pills won't be enough to cure the resulting mess and rotting carnage. 

I may be well by Christmas, the EU will still be the sick, spreading bacteria our PTB so desperately wish us all to be never cured of! Not least that woman referred to by Corbyn.


  1. Sounds to me as if you have at last over done it and the establishment tried to terminate you as you had become an irritant :-) On a more pleasant note its good to hear your on the mend, thank you for your thoughts during the year and may I wish you and yours a very merry Christmas and a great new year.

  2. I can only wish that you recover in time for the Christmas celebrations, and enjoy it so much you can barely remember much of it, and that you enter the New Year with that positivity (to use one of the new buzz-words).