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Saturday, 29 December 2018

I Hope This Is Not A Bribery Attempt!

Well Deserved.

Sir John has and I pray remains, a people's MP. His approach to and antipathy towards the deep state construct that is the EUSSR has been terrific. We can but hope May's desperation here is a mark of the loss of the "deal" Brino vote in the Commons is still set to be huge. For sure that deal is a big loss to the sovereignty and survival hopes of the UK per se.

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  1. Could be an attempt to buy him! It is such a disappointment to see Fox sell his soul for a few more months in the cabinet and a few grand on his pension and this could well be a move to buy more support. I have no respect for our rulers these days, it more and more resembles a medieval court, everything to the sycophant and let the peasants pay for it all. Some democracy we live in, I don't think!