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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

He's Not Just The EU's Advocate General.

He's The UK's Too Whilst We Remain In This Corrupt Body.

Much salivating this morning over our ECJ's Campos Sanchez-Bordona advocate general font-family: , "advice" to the other 27 Judges who hold power over us all. For now. The media all but kicking off a second referendum. However for conspiracy "Doctorates" such as myself it is not something the EUSSR dictators know anything of at all. Coincidence. For certain.

Such as this "advice", gets full on trumpeting, the second it's made. Unlike the UK's Attorney General's advice to May. Which we all know was to tell her that her ludicrous WA is a crock of sh*t and full of pitfalls politically and legally. If that advice was benign or it favoured the Molly May spin doctoring, it would have been as blasted to the skies as was this household name and powerful figure, Senor Campos's "advice".

What a day yesterday, however. Cox played the role of Cromwell but with zero credibility or honesty. Parliament will debate this Molly May rubbish against a backdrop of her mendacity now being in full view. A significant piece of advice denied them. Hardly a decent way to show honesty and certainly not in the best interests of the Nation. Well, except for the mushroom shovelers directed by Molly.

Notwithstanding the awfulness of this "deal", this "advice" this morning was probably shouted over from our masters in Berlin Brussels after some midnight oil burning and hand wringing as to how the EUSSR Commissars might give her a tatty, hastily thrown, grubby life belt. It carries a risk, however, as to be seen as interfering in our democratic vote of 2016. Which it actually is.

Quelle surprise. Somebody has worked out that this "advice", if accepted by the ECJ as gospel, stirs the hope of a beloved EU tactic. That is vote until you do as we demand, which then becomes a nice little ambush. I suspect Molly was on the blower most of the night and responsible for the timing of the release of this "advice" for the breakfast fake news fest.

I have always been nervous of Molly's constant "no second referendum" repetition month in month out, just as she banged on about "Brexit means Brexit". That latter statement now reneged on. Her "Brexit" means either remain, (as Compos now says, "no probs there. Just call a second referendum. We don't mind waiting to enslave people we hate. We love the long game to death!", or we enter into a WA that puts a bloody big, wrought iron ring through our noses. Together with lashings of humiliation.

The WTO option for total freedom, sovereignty and hope for decades to come we shape our own nation's destiny and that of our future generations for ourselves, is vilified and slandered as "no deal". Yet another sleight of hand that exposes our deep state and its gross, corrupt and terrible Establishment. Still, hope does spring eternal. Oily Robbins showing some nervousness with his letter to Molly an example of hope.

When such a powerful figure denies responsibility for this terrible determination to shaft the British, people, by Molly, you can rest assured, she's looking ever more manic. Desperately pleading with Drunkard Juncker and his unelected, wealthy Commissars, to help her out. For many, myself included, Senor Compos's intervention rather riles not just leave voters, I suspect. If not it bloody well should. It shows how close Molly is with that crowd.

To close, may I refer you to Raedwald's take, this morning. I detect his feelings about Oily's letter are as my own. Oily covering his back as the knives start to poke from the toga wearers within his own circles as well as in Parliament. Popcorn supplies getting very scarce with all this Brexit stuff!

An Anon input to my previous post has given a link to the full advice letter. I consider it to have veracity and am entitled to that opinion. Individuals can choose to regard it a "fake news". In the absence of the official publication, naturally we have to have a degree of caution. For me it has all the hallmarks of a UK Establishment joint stitch up with the EU we have so come to loathe.

Here is one paragraph of enormous financial consequence. There are many, many others showing how royally screwed we will be.

G Court of Justice Jurisdiction ● The CJEU retains its full jurisdiction during the TIP, including on the interpretation and application of the WA. This bites notably on the Financial Settlement which is in force during that period. In this respect it is significant that the CJEU also retains jurisdiction after the TIP in respect of cases brought before then, so that a case brought before the end of the TIP continues afterwards (Article 86). ● The CJEU retains jurisdiction a binding jurisdiction to rule on the Citizens’ Rights provisions for a period of 8 years from the end of the TIP. ● The CJEU retains jurisdiction to rule on those EU financial provisions which continue to apply after the TIP, in relation to the Financial Settlement. ● The arbitration panel must refer questions of the interpretation of EU law applicable under the WA to the CJEU and is bound by the CJEU ruling. ● The CJEU has jurisdiction in respect of EU legislation applicable to Northern Ireland during the backstop (see section C) and to Cyprus.

here is the link,


  1. Interesting.
    But is this the full text or the summary text?

  2. Hi, Dioclese. The links take us to what appears to be the full document.

  3. Here's another taster of the sh*t we can expect.

    Regulations on social security including the main substantive
    Regulation 883/2004 for social security, as amended or replaced
    before the end of the TIP, (Article 31) will continue to apply to certain
    EU and UK citizens (and family members and survivors). Those
    persons will maintain their right to healthcare, pensions and other
    social security benefits. This would appear to enable qualifying EU
    citizens to continue to export child benefit out of the UK to the Member
    State where their children are residing. In addition, the Joint
    Committee “will make sure” that UK law remains aligned with EU law.
    This appears to mean that the UK will have to accept amendments to
    those Regulations in respect of qualifying EU nationals, with
    consequential amendments being made to the relevant list of EU
    legislation in Annex 1, Part II of the WA.

    One more;
    Another potentially lengthy period of continued application of EU can be
    expected in relation to certain aspects of the Financial Settlement. For example:
    ● In the case of pensions, Article 142 requires the UK will pay its share
    of the funding of pensions and other employee benefits in respect of
    the members and staff of the EU institutions, accumulated by the end
    of 2020 The National Audit Office concluded in April of this year that the UK’s obligation to contribute to the EU pension liability may last
    until at least 2064;
    ● Article 136 applies EU law “concerning the Union’s own resources,
    relating to financial years until 2020” after the end of the TIP.
    Effectively, this means that the rules governing the UK's contributions
    to the EU budget for unpaid funding commitments as at 31 December
    2020 will in principle continue to apply until the UK has fully paid off its
    share of those commitments. There is a non-exhaustive list of specific
    legislation which applies with amendments, irrespective of the date of
    their adoption, entry into force or application. This is set out in the
    Government’s Explainer at paragraphs 130-132.
    After the end of the TIP the CJEU continues to determine the interpretation of
    EU law applicable under the WA by the mandatory reference procedure from the
    arbitration panel.
    During the TIP EU law is interpreted and enforced by the CJEU (possibly subject
    to a contrary decision on the specific matter by the Joint Committee).
    EU law applies extensively in the event of the Backstop coming into force and to a lesser extent to the Cyprus Sovereign base areas.

  4. So it's going to be the french option then.
    Maybe retired but am sure I can find a high vis vest and hard hat kicking around somewhere.