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Monday, 3 December 2018

Got Mega Problems As A Globalist? Or As A Molly May?

Have A Project Fear Climate Conference.

Nothing has altered in this debate. The globalists see a mega cash cow process, real scientists question and realise it's a scam. Still, these big conferences are all attended by people who walk, sail or avoid air travel as a gesture of their intense commitment to the conferences!

Meanwhile deluded Molly May reigns over all she surveys. The real immigration facts swallowed up in the quiet signing up of yet another globalist ambition to destroy all dissent. Whilst arranging a "meaningless debate" on her Brexit sell out. What a mess we are being forced into.


  1. Here is the Complete Withdrawal Agreement leaked document.
    links in article

  2. The bbc & msm have for weeks been broadcasting fear porn about a no deal crash out, now with that impossible, end of life as we know it, picture firmly implanted in the sheeples mind, May launches her knowingly unacceptable plan. Hey presto second referendum, now tell me that wasn't the plan all along.

  3. Thank you for the link, Anon. RAC, you read my today's offering before I wrote it!