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Saturday, 8 December 2018

Brexit Tear Gas And A Stench Of Global Mendacity.

There's A Lot Of Kicking Off |In France. Good For Them.

The scenes even the EUSSR dictators can't keep out of the public eye are dreadful. What is not being said is the degree of brutal clamp down seen by the "troops" against protesters. Violence begets a violent response. Not just the physical acts but the political arrogance that they rule, not serve. What is also apparent is this crackdown by Macron's Government is very like that in Spain against the Catalan demonstrations.

As for the UK and Brexit. The tear gas metaphorically is, for now, just a metaphor. It is the obfuscation, the behind the scenes, hidden truths. The rich and powerful consultations as to the threat to their fortunes and power, as globalism becomes just another, albeit giant, can of tear gas. One used in cahoots with political, self interested, cretinous liars and corrupt fools, in the main. so wedded to the Commissars of German, chosen, not elected, puppets in Brussels.

Back to the tear gas metaphor. So much deceit and convenient manipulation by the cannister shooters of the media. Project fear part of it. Unnecessary complication and faux complexity another tear can  shot. Lies by omission yet more cans aimed anywhere they can. That "legal advice", so to the fore last week. All that was released was the bit on this ridiculous backstop. A giant manacle forged to shackle the British people to a future Federal Europe. Mr Cash, MP pointed this out. Yet no outcry. Hushed up.

Yet if this link is valid, I believe it is, it's but more evidence of a remain deal in all but name. Like every proposal Molly May is being offered to save her snake skin approach to more than her shoes, they are all dressed up, prettified betrayals to keep us in the EUSSR and under the EUSSR. Keep firing those cannisters, you gross, nasty people. So far they seem to be gassing all those who might see or protest were they not overcome by not just the smoke and their painful tears but the stench of the mendacity.

It really is war. The French are showing the way when ignored. It's so sad to see but the Establishment urged on by the EUSSR and globalist interest to keep their wealth and power are to blame. Not anarchists but patriots despairing of the third world shit holes their towns and cities have been turned into via mass immigration. Migration caused by offering false hopes for pavements paved with gold, illegal wars to dominate trade, wealth and power.

The Establishment is running nervous. In France even scared. They need to be made scared per se. The sensible, aware Brits know this. They voted beyond what the PTB ever expected. They failed to introduce sufficient manufactured votes to guarantee remain would win. God forbid there is a second referendum. Like that in Ireland, it would be rigged to get the "proper" vote. Either by the choices on the ballot paper or fiddled millions of votes.

Think I'm wrong? Look here, referendum designed to finish us off leaving is well in hand. As is a major fiddle to cover the guaranteed millions to defeat a second, unsatisfactory "rebellion". Page 42 but one small section of a disgracefully biased "tell the boss what they want to here" bollocks.

"The franchise for the 2016 EU referendum included all those eligible to vote in UK parliamentary elections, plus those members of the House of Lords and Gibraltar residents who are eligible to vote in European Parliament elections. Some proponents of a second referendum have argued that the franchise should be extended also to 16- and 17-year-olds (e.g. Brake 2018) and to EU citizens resident in the UK."

In addition to that passage quoted are pointers as to how such a vote could be introduced in double quick time. It reeks of EUSSR input alongside our own treacherous civil service of Trojans. Anyone prepared to look at this volume of "tear gas" and thank by voting remain to stop the stinging pain and attacks of the "insidious" are either mad or have a powerful self interest in selling their grandchildren into slavery. History will not be kind to such decisions.

Strangely, there is a simple solution. A Brexit PM and Cabinet. An exit wholly and without any strings, no £39 billion bung and freedom! Then, after this total withdrawal, without any ghastly agreement, give it a summer, then a General Election in November. With large numbers of global trade deals on the table or a return, in some form, to the EUSSR Colditz. 

Done. Oh, also spend overnight virtually, the £39 billion on the British people, plus the £9 billion to date annual bunce. How's that? £48 billion back under control in one year. Kept out of Hammond's sticky mitts and spent properly should get a big Common's majority .  Just like Gordon Brown used to buy electoral wins for Bliar!

This, in my humble opinion, is one of the biggest interventions into the devious, secret world of Government in decades if not ever.


  1. You are not wrong another referendum would became a totally fiddled whitewash. Interesting to see the right on the rise in Spain let's hope we soon see it here. Again today talk of Farage starting another safety valve party so maybe the establishment has seen straws in the wind?

  2. So today May backs down and the grand farse goes on. Why oh why did the people of UK allow the establishment to destroy the BNP? More groveling to the EU for crumbs from their table, more betrayal of the referendum and all they promised. What has happened to reduce our once proud nation to the pathetic groveling beggar it has become? We need a proper right wing party to even try to restore our national pride and free us from Europe now! What we don't need now, however,is another Farage safety valve party to dupe voters into not voting for the real right wing, we fell for that before and look where we are now. Having said that of course a great many UKIPers have done very well out of it all thank you very much. More tea and platitudes while UK burns anyone?

  3. I see only one Party with intelligent leadership, For Britain. From little acorns is my hope. Forlorn as it may be. Thank you for your kind interest and comments.

  4. I also have hopes that For Britain or a similar party will take root and prosper. I have often looked at their website and agree with what I see there. The trouble is I am not prepared to be a lone voice again at my age and wonder if or when they will start to set up local branches. As soon as you become a perceived threat to the establishment you will be subjected to the same lies, smears, false reporting and rent a mob activity the BNP were. I wish you well and I'll look to support you if possible in the future but please please keep your guard up, the establishments dirty tricks brigade has no conscience or morals and will do anything to protect the status quo.

  5. Thank you Anon. "For Britain" are setting up branches but your warnings aren't without merit. There is a deep state prepared to murder anyone who fails to toe their dictatorship line. Politicians in power across the world are happy to play Pontius Pilate, hand washing in the knowledge they are well protected. Ironically Russia and China hold more moral high ground for the foreseeable future.