Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Back to The Future, Please.

Just Over Nine Years Ago.

Try as I might I had the joy, the unbridled pleasure at the zero sight of any "ode to slavery" sh*tty blue flags!! Enjoy. I'm still a bit crock but getting there. This stuff helps! Rule Britannia worth a view and listen, too!


  1. Let's hope that in a generation or two enough people still speak English in this country to know what these things mean. If of course they are still allowed to be sung which is by no means certain with the advance of the EU and the never ending flood of new comers to our overcrowded island.

  2. Thanks, I hadn't heard that for a omg time. Rousing stuff and gives me HOPE and glory again. JUst maybe WE can HOPE ..?
    THank you so much.