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Monday, 19 November 2018

We Are Being So Terribly Shafted.

Not Even The Daily Fail Left Anymore!

What are we coming to?

I bang on about the deep state week in week out if only to vent some sense that we are not all blinded completely by the nastiness, undercover, secretive way we are supposedly governed. Indeed it is about not being governed but controlled, manipulated  and subjugated ever more blatantly and with little care for any consequences to those in the know.

Lies are now commonplace and even expected from our political and corporate classes. The statement back in 2016 that there were no plans to create an EUSSR army but one of the porkies now known to have been a lie. Indeed some now feel such an army will be manned by hundreds of thousands of "new" EU citizens and become a force for brutal suppression against all dissenters.

As for the media. Close now, (with this Old Etonian, bought and paid for Establishment crony, now placed to kill off the Daily Fail once and for all as a middle class voice of any note), to a total propaganda coup and voice of evil in totality. Not that is was ever much of a rag for matters of intellectual debate but at least it gave some succour to those without a strong voice. 

I am flirting with the Telegraph but doubt that has long to go before it's absorbed into  the Establishment demands for blind obedience. Even so, right now, this very day, a senior politician is stating unequivocally we are being LIED to by the Prime Minister. yet she carries on blithely spouting these lies and toeing her puppet masters in Europe's mantras of deceit.

I always felt we would never get to leave without a war and conflict. Well we are closer to this terrible possibility than anyone is prepared to consider. That EUSSR army may well not be ready in time for the coming uprisings should the state of European dregs of Nations realise the horrors now on every street corner get evermore violent and unpleasant.

That our political deep state of evil, knowing, arrogant fools believe they are untouchable suggests that a brief resume of human history might be in order. There will be a tipping point. It may even be the theft of the UK's sovereignty, Italian debt, Greek famine or just a powerful, Continent wide uprising of people sick of the lies and the nastiness. The genocidal waves of mass immigration alone could be the tinderbox. Who knows but that it will come. Only when is in question.

The time for lies from the likes of Mrs Theresa May protecting her husband's business interests and activity are coming to an end. The sooner the better where she's concerned. Perhaps these terrible facts might one day be more widely known along with the decades of protection afforded Muslim grooming gangs. We must hang on to hope and its eternal springing. It's time for better people to return to power. Long time gone since any were. 


  1. When the deep state minions achieve control of all the media you will not be told anything the they don't want you to know. Let's be honest they have the BBC and some of the papers now, only a few more repressive laws left to sneak in. They are working relentlessly towards censorship of the internet using any excuse and when that's done the great and the good will have the total control they have always wanted. All digital communications is already monitored by Big Brother so that's OK then. So much work and so many lives sacrificed for freedom only to have it frittered away in a single generation. Villeins ye are and villeins ye shall remain, its taken them over 600 years but final victory of the ruling class is in sight at last

  2. Spot on, Anon. Yet we must hope that as things seem today so they did for our parents and grandparents in 1939. Human beings seem to crave conflict as an expression of self preservation. That will never change no matter how progressive some believe we can be. We by necessity evolved as competing tribes and so we remain.