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Thursday, 8 November 2018

There's Much Going On.

Trump Not Exactly Washed Away, Is He?

This "caravan", why the euphemism of "caravan" is used, I can't be sure but a jolly it's not. Who organised it? Why just approaching the mid-term elections, why the massive media frenzy? That latter question no doubt relates to the fact it is organised. One thing is for sure, The West and its deep state are very involved in organising these illegal migrations. 

If Soros and his cohorts across the terrible cabals of global seeking, dominant and gangster ridden forces put the effort into making the origin Nations of their trafficking commodities able to better serve these gullible, ill educated hordes, the world would be a much better place.

At least they are presently being thwarted by the maverick US President Trump. The Democrats, the front men for the deep state globalists in America, the EUSSR their European representatives, are seething at his present disruption to their agenda. Long may it continue. Sure they took the House but I bet it cost a fortune and still the sitting president increased his Republican seats in the Senate.

The ire was apparent in this press conference earlier today, in America. Seeing a senior, elected president give arrogant, nasty media hacks a telling off was a joy. I have never known this done before Trump and its magic. Not least the rude and aggressive nature of the plonker showed the most terrible disrespect and disdain for the Office of The President of his own Country. Give the man in Office a hard time but still show some deference to the position of shame yourself more than the person you attack. 

Although the foregoing applies to the UK's Prime Minster's Office I have to say our present incumbent is losing the plot. When, as said elsewhere, Bliar refused to publish the legal advice given to he, on the Iraq war, it was a given it didn't suit his need to sacrifice his own obsession for a place in history. That at the cost of millions of lives and the destruction of Nations. Still he has that place. As not dissimilar to other despots through history. May seems as desperate for a similar notoriety as Bliar.

If she gets her way over shackling us as servile supplicants to the EUSSR she will, for sure, become not a figure of loathing but of visceral hatred. Like Heath a supposed servant of the people happy to urinate over them via secret deals, probably illegal. I still despair that we'll ever leave this unelected arm of the 4th Reich. Our only hope is that it implodes from within and is destroyed by its own vanity, hubris, arrogance and bullying self entitlement born of the sour grapes at Germany's losing of the second World war.

An example of their nasty, modern ignorance on display this Remembrance Day approaching. If, like me you find the white poppy abhorrent, freedom of expression notwithstanding, how about this. It seems we may now have an EUSSR emblem of remembrance. Not sure that's what millions died for, are you? This anti Brexit clown reckons "remembrance" is under threat if we actually leave his beloved, peace loving, Russia threatening, EUSSR! Circa 28 minutes into the piece.

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  1. If Mr Trump ever feels like a change we need him here, he would make the best PM since Churchill. Those of us on the right may be disheartened but we have not gone away. If we don't escape from the clutches of the EU this time we will be there still when the voters finally realise we were right all along. My main concern is what horrors will the country have to endure in the mean time and like any illness the longer you leave it before seeking treatment the more painful the cure is likely to be.