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Friday, 16 November 2018

The Real Truth About Brexit.

We Will Never Be Allowed To Leave This Prison.

The can represents 17.4 million leave voters, the foot the Establishment and remain voters, with an end game worse than anything occupation by the Nazis would have been.

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  1. Its looking a bit dire for sure, all hope is not gone but I must admit the outlook come be a whole lot better. It must be said that if a reasonable percentage of the 17.4 million could bring themselves to vote for a proper right wing party we could still escape the grasp of the EU. Nobody can say what life would be like here now if we had not won the war but its a fact millions died so we would not be a vassal state. What a terrible sacrifice they made only to have the freedom they died for signed away. I hear endless calls for a peoples vote from the remoaners but when we were forced into the EU there was no vote then it was just forced onto us. Surly that makes the referendum in 2016 the real peoples vote? It is said people can change their minds well in the vote we had a few years after we were forced into the "Common market" the people said stay in but now they have changed their minds. Or is it that the great unwashed didn't vote the way their betters told them to so they must vote and vote and vote until they get it right?