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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

The Divide And Conquer Of The EUSSR.

Aided And Abetted By The UK Establishment.

Traitor Tess thought a General Election would cement her grip on power and assist her pact with the 4th Reich EUSSR, together with her already fully signed up Mandarin plotters, led by Oily Robbins. A pact destined to manoeuvre two women into selling out to the EUSSR and break up the UK. One is all for it, that harridan Sturgeon, happy to serve any masters bar the English majority led UK. The other exactly the opposite, Arlene Foster. The latter's colleague berated by Bunter Bully Boulton this morning, Sammy Wilson of the DUP.

Bunter was gross to a level even he rarely stoops to but I, for one, am delighted in his bad temper fuelled by the, in my view, by the sensible holding back on dumping Treason Tess. In his ire and impatience for a starring role in a leadership contest, set up as a trap to fail and negate and weaken the Brexiteer cause, we saw him become evermore desperate to clobber Mr Wilson.

As a guy entwined with a spouse, Ms Anjie Hunter, together with some nefarious friends and steeped in the "New Labour" crowd who damaged our Nation so irrevocably, Bunter Boulton decided to press the nuclear button of the Good Friday agreement and its relationship, in Bunter's thick head, with the EUSSR Dictators. Mr Wilson put him straight on that but not before addled Boulton had linked the two Nations, ireland and Scotland, with a common relationship within the EUSSR. 

That is ONE Ireland and one Scotland bound and gift wrapped to the Reich, should the English succeed in leaving this newly conquered and controlled German run Europe. It makes a lot of sense. Ireland would gain the protection of the EU's para military riot police to quell Unionist rebellion, whilst getting Sinn Fein onside. Sturgeon would have her desperate parting of the ways from the "auld enemy", Culodden avenged! At what cost only time would tell.

So, conspiracy theory eh? Well the EUSSR have form and our Establishment would in some way or other be big winners. Initially.  As ever for most of my lifetime, white, ordinary and genuinely hard working people would be the ones shafted. The growing threat to Nationhood, European history re-written and the centuries old cultures destroyed. 

Mad Max will be ecstatic, the pillaging and lawless butchery a fact of life in that brave new World. One with a significant major unintended consequence, the rich and powerful would be a target as never before. Prisoners in their own citadels too dangerous to ever venture out from. So not all bad then!

One final point. I truly believe the media were egged on to push the Tory Brexiteers to go for a Putsch. Just as May was lured into a stupid GE. The belief being that they would fail. As May's snap election did. May would probably then get her own way in a vote on her "keep us in" ghastly plan, reluctantly endorsed by those who would have seemingly failed to oust her and their humiliation complete as this sell out scraped through Parliament. 

As that would then stand, Brexit would be dead in the water. However leaving her in situ to lose the vote would probably then allow the  more patriotic Tories help to force this deal into the dustbin and more likely then oust her without forcing a GE. The dream of a Brexit PM and Cabinet, DUP still on board and a no deal come in to force on the 30th of March. As the most preferred 17.4 million referendum voters' choice to rid us of this evil cabal of global oligarchs. 

So the PTB and their tame Bunter hacks can gloat, as the BBC this lunchtime has done but that fat Lady still has to sing and is yet to be dragged of the stage into oblivion, along with true democracy. If I'm correct that not seeking a contest was deliberate, splendid. If not, who am I to cock a snoop at serendipity? 

Some irony that Gina Miller's front lady role for the Global elite got this Parliamentary vote on the books. Something  that might, just might, in a couple of weeks time, save us from a deal her masters would relish and embrace as the subjugation of the British, or at least English, upstarts became final. 

I wonder. Could this be my best ever Christmas card?

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  1. There are indeed real parallels today with the dire situation we faced in 1939 but if anything things are worse this time. In 1939 we were a far more united nation than we are now. Today many who live here and enjoy the privileges and rights afforded by our ancient and hard won way of life would never take up arms to defend it. We are again at risk of becoming a vassal state of Europe but this time we have vast army within who would destroy our way of life and deliver us into EU bondage by any means they can. The rich having collected their 30 pieces of silver will no doubt leave to live in a freer nation but the vast majority of remainers will be unable to do that and will have to live as the underlings of the EU. Turkey's really do vote for Christmas after all. Well even at my age I can still be amazed by some things!