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Friday, 23 November 2018

Since when Did Lying Become Acceptable?

A Prime Minister And His Gang Of Civil Servants in 1971.

What a dreadful, devious, dismissive expression.

My first request for any visitors is to consider this fact. It took a woeful PM and HIS Mandarins to lie and trap the UK People into the EUSSR. Now this dreadful woman is doing exactly the same. Not only to us, the people but to Parliament. That this behaviour is a disease imported from the EUSSR and now infecting the very same scum in 1971 as now can be of little surprise.

If Corbyn were to back an exit now, no cash handed over, no shitty, Heathmay lies and deals, Oily Robbins tried for lying to Parliament and stripped of his Office, he would get a whacking majority. Deservedly. Forget deals and the gross deceptions and manipulations spouted by a drunkard and a joke of a man, get out now.

A Marxist Government we could vote out of Office would be preferable to anything May can offer, for sure. particularly if they then brought the present traitors to book. Not only that, they would also have their minds concentrate on any mega kicking the lying present incumbents get would be also available against any future Government.

If May's treachery and lies succeed, any semblance of democracy is lost. She must be got rid off. This "meaningful" vote, on this atrocious sell out she believes she's colluded to sign off on, is not something that should happen on Sunday. Or if it does, it shouldn't even get to Parliament. A Brexit Government, even a coalition of people prepared to carry out the referendum vote and leave this cabal of drunks and gangsters, should be installed, stop further useless talking to this body of savages and just leave.

Here is a snippet of her woeful performance, for that was what it was meant to be. Note carefully her demeanor. Very reminiscent of her justifiably losing her majority at the last GE. Now I thank God she did and cannot sell us out even further. However her nightmare, deaf eared arrogance is still with us. I pray not for very much longer. I wish her gone and her beloved EUSSR with her. Maybe Merkel could fix her up with a top job in Europe. An EUSSR minus the UK.

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  1. At last we see the first glimmer of why this brexit farce has gone on as long as it has. Today I have seen reports in the papers that Mays deal is worse than staying in the EU! So it has been drawn out and we have been betrayed to the level we have to convince us it would be better to stay in. Well done Olly well done May such rank treachery dressed up as patriotism. Then the truly breath part comes, we are told this is support for the referendum result! I no longer believe we have any party in Westminster that has any intention of delivering a real brexit no matter what lies they spout.