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Friday, 2 November 2018

It Wasn't As If They Weren't Warned.

Is It?

If anyone still needs reminding, The West and America are in decline. Not least because of interference in other Countries. As if Vietnam wasn't bad enough, our erstwhile leaders and the global Establishment, full of the arrogant abuse of power, reacted at huge cost, to 9/11 like children. 

I have always argued that 9/11 was an economic strike and so it has turned out. Billions and billions of dollars thrown at careless conflicts and bullying regime change actions that have left the Planet in a perilous state. The West in debt to trillions of dollars, mass immigration and refugee crises abound and zero leadership around to change or at least slow the decline into poverty by the middle of this century.

Still, I'm only going over old ground. Only the faces have changed since 2014. Plus if we go back to 2006, even greater warnings based on experience were totally ignored. Yet many, many individuals have become rich on the back of these conflicts. They are the real enemies of the human race. 

As an aside, note how climate change is never associated to nuclear weapons testing and violent, cordite soaked warfare!


  1. Off topic but of general interest to Brexit.
    Remember how close Trump and Farage were.
    Now unless you've been following U.S. politics very closely you might not get what follows.....
    Ever wondered why GCHQ helped obama's illegal use of FISA.And why hannigan scurried away directly after trumps election victory.
    Just put it down to some hazy nebulous globalist plot ?
    Well here is a copy/paste from a U.S. blog I've been following since before that election.

    " Bongino had a good podcast today (11/5) with some additional comments about the Papadopoulos interview. One point he made was that he thinks the first FISA sought was against Papa-D, and that it was not successful. He leaves open the idea that perhaps another FISA application was made to monitor Papa-D later.

    In the original interview, the motivation for heavy U.K. involvement became clearer–they wanted to shut down Trump campaign in order to prevent successful BREXIT negotiations. And the original outreach to Papadopoulos was made in spring, before the BREXIT vote so that would make sense as well."

  2. RAC, so many thanks for the input. That deep state is very, very deep and the world it is shaping an apocalypse for most. It's why I reluctantly have so much time for Putin.

  3. The transcript of the interview is here, and it's just a part of the whole story.