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Thursday, 22 November 2018

Brexit Was Never Going To Be Allowed.

Democracy Is Dead.

Is this how she was expected to please the EUSSR Commissioners?

It was decreed months earlier. As many people thought that it was. This "Brexit" Department was an expensive smokescreen,  its Brexit Ministers sops to the 17.4 million winning referendum voters, its Civil Service recruits the dregs and inconvenient staff nobody else wanted anyway. Cameron wimped out to give way to a politician who would toe the EUSSR edicts to enhance her spouse's millions of pounds worth of deals.

Mrs May has gone along with the lies, pretence and scheming nastiness the EUSSR is now synonymous with. Not only that she's now prancing around the ashes of our hopes of an independent sovereign State throwing the last remaining sticks on the embers to burn all we had hoped to save. Fishing rights will be offered up with weasel words. The "future" agreement drafts will become fact.

Gibraltar will be compromised and lost. I wonder why there was never talk of a hard border there but always just Ireland? Sinn Fein will force a United Ireland under the guise of the EU Celtic regional government. Any rebellion by the Unionists crushed under the newly made EU jackboot army. Along with that Scotland will seize independence from England under a newly agreed EUSSR banner and we'll probably foot that bill.

As for "bills". We shall hand over £39 billion as a down payment for our enslavement followed by many, many billions more in reparations for daring to have defied the 4th Reich and voting to leave this sick Empire of dictators. Themselves nothing but paid hit men and women by the global, Common Purpose Cabals of Mafia, gangster, corporate self interest crooks. Politicians and bankers their bag men.

To listen to our craven, often ignorant politicians offering their anal rears up to these people is gross, distasteful, immoral and self interested prostitution on their part. We did fight once for freedom. Not only for our Island Nation but for the whole of Europe and even the world. Betrayal seems to weak a word for what is happening. For me it portends the beginning of the end of the human race. Or at least what's left of any decency and humanity. 

That our posturing elites cannot see their own futures as bleak as they are forcing on everyone else only goes to show their delusion and temporary ascendancy over others as delusional and graspingly idiotic. I suspect I shall be long dead when this all unravels but unravel it will. This wilful and dismissive, arrogant destruction of democracy will end badly and consume everyone. It will be as bad as ever our lives have ever been. 


  1. When the most useless home secretary in living memory was willingly voted in by tory MPs to the top job as PM, the outcome was blindingly obvious, they were all in on the betrayal, as millions of others did i also saw it and commented accordingly but was completely ignored (including here) because so many were taken in, once again, by the rhetoric.

    See i've come to the conclusion we've been had by the biggest con in history and we are still falling for it.
    The likes of Farage and JRM keep popping up like whack-a-moles saying all the right things getting our hopes up and the patriots quiet, but isn't all that's happened is that we've been strung along, keep working, keep paying more and more taxes, keep quiet and carry on the new mantra, whilst the state in cahoots with the long march through the institutions in turn in cahoots with common purpose and the country's legion of traitors keep kicking the can down the road whilst they cement the betrayal solid and irreversible.

    Note how the establishment alternatives, and yes i include UKIP top floor in this (not Batten as i believe he's a good guy), make sure to demonise the real patriots of the country, like Tommy Robinson, at every opportunity, where if getting our country back was the real deal, all nationalist/patriot minded groups would be linking together to fight as one against our enemies, and be assured the enemy is deeply embedded and will take some shifting, and it won't be by words or votes when the time comes.

    The whole thing stinks, we've been sold pups and it's still going on.


  2. Absolutely,Judd.We can but hope the EUSSR falls apart despite everything.

  3. The EU is doomed long term, one in four of those trapped in its foul embrace now have the good sense to vote for anti EU parties and this number will rise as things get ever worse. Sooner or later our treacherous leaders will have made enough to run away from the fetid mess they have made and live in a free county elsewhere. Why oh why won't the Brits vote for decent parties?

  4. At the risk of repeating myself I can only say "those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad". I have stood in the counting halls at election time and watched the votes for the left pile up and despaired but never ever have I despaired as much as I do now.

  5. It doesn't matter which of the three main parties one voted for over the term of memory, all are and were treacherous.

    It might just as well be Corbyn next time, as no Brexit means the UK is finished in all the ways we recognise and love it with all it faults, so we might as well return the favour to those who own the fake tories and bankrupt them...seeing as money and power are all they care about watching the marxists plunder their wealth will bring the odd smile in the dark days ahead.

    For what it's worth i haven't voted for the mainstream parties for well over 30 years, it's been either the BNP or UKIP, now before you decide i'm some raving racist who should be locked up have my children taken away sacked from my job and branded, the reason for the BNP votes were because no one else stood who was against the EU, something i voted no to in 1975 for the first time, the BNP were the only party for patriots during those years, and oddly enough Farage takes the credit for destroying them, which makes you think.

    This last pseudo general election i couldn't even be bothered walking up the polling station to draw a cock and balls on the ballot, they weren't even worth the effort for that insult.

    If the expected betrayal by the tories proves to be the case, and surely we are used by now to the tories and betrayal being cosy bedfellows, then i shall from now on vote for anyone most likely to beat them.
    Corby holds no fear for me, his rabble can be no worse than the present traitors.


  6. As a past parliamentary candidate for the BNP I can only applaud your courage and thank you for your vote. UKIP did damage the BNP vote (and the party) and provided an easy way to vote against the big parties but look where that got us in the long run. Also where is good old Nigel now we need him?

  7. Indeed Anon, i've spent many hours wondering whether UKIP really was an indy movement, or was part of its ad Farage's remit to prevent the BNP, who made great headway in the EU parliamentary election scoring some 1 millions votes as i recall, from becoming too strong, ie a safety valve for those of us who saw what was happening to our country decades ago.

    Thankyou for having the courage to stand for the party, that can't have been easy, no doubt you, as i, were named on the deliberately leaked list so many years ago.

    To hell with them, i have little doubt the time when patriots are needed will come again, and sooner than the sheep are being told.
    We're not dead yet.