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Saturday, 10 November 2018

Brexit And Needlework.

Why We Are Hearing So Little Of Brexit These Past few Days.

The stitch up requires much concentration at the death bed of democracy and the United Kingdom. Be in no doubt, the biggest stitch up of this Country is at hand. Approaching 2 and a half years after the people voted to leave, we are deeper and even more in hock to the EUSSR. Why we were lumbered with a remain Cabinet and Government with not a backbone to be found is beyond me.

Betrayed and every mouth protesting sewn up tightly. A dreadful, disgusting disgrace. A plague on every politicians' and Mandarins' houses is the best we can hope for.


  1. Despair is close I fear, We have been sold down the river by those with vested interests in keeping their own pockets full of EU money, 30 pieces of silver does not come close. I am so sick of the ongoing betrayal of our nation I have even canceled my newspaper I just can't face any more. If this is what the electorate of UK are prepared to accept as democracy may the Good Lord have mercy on us all.

  2. Today's Establishment mood music is very unpleasant. Sadly I suspect we are about to be totally stitched up. I'm not sure God's mercy will be deserved, Anon.