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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Why Chequers Is So Very Bad.

Mrs May Is No Dancing Queen But Rather A "Goes With The Wind", Heath Yachtswoman.

Who on earth dreamt up this demeaning, unfunny insult to the Office of Prime Minister?

I listened with horror at May's words and watched her heavily coached, hours in the rehearsing, oh so "wonderful person I am" speech. The faux WW1 "who dares criticise my feelings" opening and dreadfully insincere utterances. That dreadful conflict was repeated just 21 years later thanks to the kind of weasel words and appeasement of the 1930s of the then political class. 

I was surprised she hadn't her "chequers" white paper in her hands and stated, which I'm sure is true, she has a piece of paper from Merkel's EUSSR agreeing peace in our time. Note too when she claimed how terribly she and her political class are intensely disliked she failed to mention now legally hidden expenses, illegal wars and the lies of Heath and his then civil service handlers.

Furthermore, not once did she use the word "chequers". Rather, she continued the meme that "Brexit means Brexit". An out and out Heathism of a lie. Then moans how her ilk are not trusted. Bojo is not my cup of tea but give me his Brexit desires than her Establishment led, self interested fibs and lies any day.

As for "chequers", here's a well presented few minutes of explanation and why it's a betrayal. One that lost her two senior Cabinet Ministers. That worked, eh? On top of that ambush of the Brexit dream and vote she relegated the Brexit department to the washing up of dirty dishes and sweeping floors. Every brexit voter to leave should be fully aware of this explanation.


  1. This woman was ever a remainer so she doesn't want to leave the EU. She was not elected by the party members she as given the post by the predominantly remainer Conservative Westminster MPs. All that is happening now is painting brexit in name only as honoring the referendum result. We are being suckered again but with no trustworthy party in office what can we do?

  2. We won the referendum, Anon, we need to demand day after day it's honoured, come what may.

  3. You are right, I worked my socks off pounding the streets etc. to get the result we did. I was naive enough to think that in a supposedly democratic country the result would be respected but it turns out we are still fighting day after day with those who would betray us. Is it not treason to try to hand control of your nation to a foreign power?