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Friday, 5 October 2018

Western Whingers.

A Culture Of Ignorance.

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I cannot fail but to notice how dominant our media outlets have become in their moaning and whinging selection of "news" items. The Kavenaugh protests a case in point. No mention of their funding and professional status as employees of George Soros. Just like the Clintons.

Then there are the ridiculous platitudes spouted by the likes of Mad May. Standing before the whole media pack, her EU masters and the quisling civil servants telling how wonderful life is. No mention of that now defunct inquiry into sex abuse of children, mostly by Muslim grooming gangs, the dreadful state of our roads and the daily waste of taxes and effort, squandered by a political class in thrall to Corporate bidding.

Now I appear to be moaning and yes I am. However there is an evidential truth to my attitude. That is that too much of Western attitude today is governed by a Common Purpose bent on enslaving any dissent to their will. The political classes just pawns they can shuffle about the board to suit any gambit.

The whingers are the idiots who complain about anything that they are either paid to do so or so inadequate and incapable of understanding any democratic process. Absolutely everything not deemed in their infantile heads as "ticking their chosen boxes", they moan incessantly how unfair that is. We are a minuscule moment away from employing "fatism" to enter the lexicon of minority driven victim hood.

One dreadful consequence of all this childishness is how it's exploited. Brexit and the remain cause is fuelled by legions of "victims". Not one that understands self determination and responsibility. Hands outstretched and outraged glares at the paucity of their abilities. So many of them ugly in appearance and thought. The tattooed heroins and butch gangsters of "feminism" who loathe and resent those born beautiful or bright or even both. A stunning and fabulous looking woman castigated for being so lovely.

How on earth female beauty has become a thing to despise is beyond me. Other than that it is the envy and spite of those less fortunate. Well, snowflakes, it's life. For many it sucks. Live with it. It's nature in the raw. Natural selection and worthy of admiration and inspiration if you but educated yourselves and stopped demanding a special status you don'y deserve and probably never will.


see what I mean?
As for not moaning, I hope Kavnaugh is appointed just to hack off the Soros heavy brigade!


  1. I believe the reason the so called news is nothing but rubbish and celebrity worship is that an informed public could become restless. Feed them a constant stream of game shows, puerile soap operas and so called celebrity reality and with any luck most of them will sit back happy. This allows the establishment to get on with fleecing the nation and running everything to their own advantage. Sadly it works, it works so well that we now have millions who find it hard to even read properly. Just what any ruling class would want, subservient drones who consume, pay taxes and don't ask questions. Job done, Brave New World, Soma anyone?

  2. So true, anon. We can but hope that what went around post WW2 comes around and education makes a comeback. Just as Russia has done but they had to suffer decades of oppression first. They had the USSR we are probably stuck with the EUSSR.

  3. “How on earth female beauty has become a thing to despise is beyond me.”

    There’s almost a religious dimension to this.

  4. The Roman dictum was "bread and circuses" I believe.

  5. You are right John the Romans did dish out bread and circuses but they also had a healthy fear of the mob. It seems that in UK today the mob don't care anymore. Even when the "mob" voted for brexit and the ruling class told them they were swivel eyed loons and delivered brexit in name only the mob didn't seem to mind a bit. It is now clear that the government of the day can ignore the opinions of the mob with impunity, a situation the mob may well come to bitterly regret if history is any guide to the future.