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Wednesday, 31 October 2018

The World Order Really Is Changing.

No Bad Thing Either.

Ever since WW2 the West, led by (the nose?) America decided the Planet was theirs. A cold war ensued, America grew paranoid about communist interests and set out to play top dog and holder of the moral high ground.

This global arrogance seemed unstoppable. The West slowly grew fat on its ambition, until Vietnam. Despite their overwhelming fire power the Americans were soundly beaten. Some say they suffered greatly from decadence and drug use and there is evidence that also played a part. One other factor also played a role. Corruption at the top of the South Vietnam elite, funded by America.

Thereafter and perhaps until 9/11 the West were led by a waning America, licking its wounds and looking to use commercial and financial pressures to rule the Planet. This seemed to work. China followed the Soviet Union in changing their strict government, borderline psychotic, regimes. The corrupt oligarchs of the Soviet Union, together with the gangster elements following their ill gotten spoils westwards, found refuge and luxury at their beck and call in the fleshpots of the West. London very much in the field.

Now we have moved on some 30 years. Both China, Russia and India have grown more stable and wealthy. The West's chagrin now very much on show as threats, sanctions and bullying bluster are the present weaponry of choice for the declining West. Alienating, unnecessarily, Putin and telling others, including China and India, buy our overpriced, poor arms and aircraft, the F35 just one example of botched technology, or else we'll punish you with trade sanctions and God knows what else.

How stupid we look. Infantile and ill informed. Blessed with intellects long swallowed up by self entitled debauchery and for many at the top, untold, undeserved wealth. Like every Empire in history, this western, Christian dominated culture, allied to a decent form of capitalist enterprise, is fading fast.

Its citizens corralled by political correctness, EU style, shadowy, unelected, deep state figures, such as Soros. The promotion of banality and cosy alliances with cultures set to take all we have earnt over centuries and rule over the genocide of white races. The big irony is that China and Russia, plus a fair few other Nations, some reluctant members of the ailing EUSSR, do not, will not nor need not accept the agenda set by America and the West's deep state corporates and crooks.

It is noteworthy how gold is now very much part of both China and Russia's currency reserves. India set to pay billion, once dollar, arms deals with Russia, in roubles. The dollar, in hock to Chinese lenders and looking more and more like Nero's violin than a greenback. The West's desire to enslave its citizenry through debt and credit ratings, doomed to failure. The UK's vote to leave the biggest and most corrupt club East of the USA, the EU. A marvellous indication that "you can fool some of the people some of the time but.......".

What's the future? I know not but I am certain that migration will turn upside down one day. The usurped and violently suppressed, North American Indian style, victims of a vicious desire to subjugate, rape and pillage policies of their very own deep state, will look elsewhere. Likewise the flow of Indian migration will, if not already, come to realise their genetic homelands are becoming evermore desirable.

As for the Europeans. I suspect the lure of the vast lands of Russia, now drawing Boers from South Africa and that primeval slaughter, so endemic in the African Tribal psyche, a big incentive to quit. Likewise all those who may well soon need  to leave Islamic despots, gaining ground across the Planet, may seek out pastures new. I suspect those with intelligence, skills and or wealth will be welcomed, providing they embrace their new found homelands' cultures, laws and mores.

Now, should I encourage the young to learn Mandarin, Russian or Arabic? I wouldn't probably say the latter . 

So sad all that I love about our once green and pleasant land is unlikely to be a choice, as it's buried in high rise Grenfell Tower blocks, burgeoning Mad Max violence and tribal warfare over who gets to live or die. Bit like present day London, I guess. or Brum, Liverpool, Manchester, Rotherham, Oxford, et al! Intellectual as well as physical slums already.


  1. We once offered a political solution to all the problems caused by the mass influx of newcomers into our land but it as rejected by the voters. Now I pray we don't one day see the rivers of blood solution that was predicted so long ago. If and only if the voters open their eyes a political solution is still possible should a right thinking party come to power. The longer we go on as we are the more unpleasant the eventual solution could be. I do wonder if we as a nation actually want a solution or might we prefer to just go out with a whimper?

  2. Anon, the grip on power is highlighted today with an attack on Aaron Banks. I pray he is victorious but he's a big target for the deep state scum.