Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

The Awfulness Of Many Young People Today.

Ignorant, Self Entitled, Poorly Bred, Badly Taught And Ill Educated.

Were their terrible sacrifices given for this today?

I can't call this terrible excuse for a member of the human race brain dead. That would suggest there was a brain. Never, in the middle of a nation now ravaged by child grooming gangs, violence and terror have I felt so nauseated by an individual. That such creatures can now command publicity for thoughts and totally ill informed stupidity, is beyond me. For her and her generation of half wits well beyond their levels of ability to add anything to the good of others, let me tell, yes tell them, a solid, unarguable fact. Remembrance means considered respect for those sacrificed to the carnage of war.

Conflict born of belief in an Establishment long gone but replaced by an ever growing army of bigots and fools from across the present day political class and establishment. The left far worse than any right thinking political ideology. The latter determined to remember those who died so the morons of today can bask in the excrement their idiocy produces. 

This abomination, masquerading as an ugly female, has chips on both shoulders caused by her natural existence, owed fully to the genetic pool from which she has arisen. To think that she might well become the face of the future, makes me thankful I shall be long gone when this would be  all I would be allowed to see as I aged. Certainly she and her ilk will never be deserving of remembrance. she could just step back and consider what those SHE deems unworthy of never being forgotten were those who in two world wars suffered for the sake of us all. "We shall remember them".

We shall remember them and why they died for us.

Why must we suffer these fools gladly? The product of a world now governed by similar fools as ugly as she and as drink sodden as Juncker.


  1. Eh, I seem to miss the context. All I see is a teenager or perhaps early 20's person of the female gender, drinking an ale or stout lager in a not very attractive denim pants but that may be because she was resting after a day's hard work renovating an animal shelter or picking up trash in a forest. Soooo, please elaborate how from a picture, we can determine who is good, bad, evil, stupid, left, right, satanic, devout, or whatever you may think is not good about her. Perhaps the picture refers to an event, please give the a link.
    On the other hand, yes, youth knows no sacrifice these days, and egothistic tendencies and fiber thin skins are rampant, education is poor and there is more wrong with a whole generation, but some more indepth context would be wise, educational and intelligent...

  2. Link duly given with apologies. Anno Domini abetted by a degree of seething!

  3. LOL: Pretty sure if you did a little search on drunk women in the 1940’s you’d see a whole bunch of pictures of women doing exactly the same. I’m also certain you’re puritanical approach is a balanced one; bitter & twisted, oh dear, oh dear, old dear!