Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Friday, 19 October 2018

Smug But Accurate.

It Was Never Going To Happen.

This guy is just one of many with an understanding of how terribly fettered and subjugated to the EUSSR we are and probably always will be. yet loves it. Democracy is dead and that ludicrous dancing weirdo masquerading as our Prime Minister has always known it. She is there just to make sure we never leave.

Her gurning and gross facial expressions show full well she's part of a lying and deceitful Establishment faffing around in a manner designed to do just what was done under Heath. Fool the electorate via delay and endless theatre until everybody gives up. I suspect her mug will be the first to appear on the English euro notes. Every bit of that fiat money worthless. Just you see.  


  1. They think it’s a real hoot at the moment, the Remoaners. Their gal’s in power and making a right pig’s breakfast of it.

  2. It will not be an easy trip but I think we still stand a good chance of escaping from the EU. You can not ignore the will of the people for ever or it will come back and bite you. You are right about the PM she is a remainer and we should have been out a year ago but take heart its not over yet.

  3. I do hope you are right, Anon and thank you.