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Thursday, 25 October 2018

I Don't Say To Myself That Often Anymore.

"What A Wonderful World."

The failure of The West in Syria has been a topic in the past years I have posted on frequently. Not least because of its subservient bowing to the will of Saudi wealth and their Sunni tribal allegiance. One conveniently making the Shia predominant Iran their foes. Notwithstanding Saudi implication in 9/11 the post 9/11 economic fallout has been savage and brutal and The Middle East, along with Afghanistan, embroiled in endless conflict without any winners.

However there is so much more now becoming untenable, old ideas no longer of value. The present, let alone the future, of humanity, bleak and dark. For such as myself, now in my early 70s, the rewards of adherence, pretty much, to Christian teaching, self discipline and self reliance has led to a life of hard won reward. Now a distant capability, hardly any longer possible for the Eloys of brain dead subservience to the powerful, greedy and obscenely wealthy now endemic across the West.

I won't accuse huge numbers of followers of creeds abhorrent to myself as necessarily thick and stupidly ignorant. We all know who the bleeding heart leftard fools are. Their led by the nose of the socialist Utopian idiocy of a perfect world for all, gives them away immediately. The squandering of their legacies, through the sacrifices of two world wars alone, tells us much. The irony is that their belief in their "worthwhile causes" are but weaponised fantasies of the Global, unelected despots and elites.

Powerful global forces, mostly led by corporate interests, fuelled exponentially by arms deals, hotly followed by drug barons, has the West's populations in particular, in its nasty clutches. The very existence of the EUSSR alone tells us how deeply under the rule of a Common Purpose we are. The desire to break free of this stench ridden club to be denied by the selfish greed of the embedded servants of these shadowy elites.

Raedwald's "all eyes on Italy offers a succinct post on my own strong feelings. In the UK alone we get a daily dose of how the police are failing, the NHS is in the ess aitch one t, schools and education a mess, roads unrepaired, care services screwed, grooming gangs virtually rampant and ever more boldly destroying young girls', mostly white, lives. Slums abound, hundreds of homes to be built, water shortages next on the list and land lost to feed the masses.

One factor stands out. Too many human beings on the Planet. Any nation that wishes for survival must have manageable numbers of people within borders capable of sustaining those volumes of people for a given land mass and sustainable self sufficiency. The African Continent has such capability. Yet millions are choosing to desert those potential riches to swamp and pillage the scarce resources in the West. Cool this is not.

All I can fathom is the PTB fear the instinctive human nature for survival through like minded tribal gatherings. That goes against the need for global dominance of a self seeking few. Thus it appears they consider the creation of a global and unpalatable, for the main ingredients, us, ghastly soup of sour and bitter mash. One to be fed back into the potage. As we do the ground up wast of animals fed back to their descendants and creating BSE along with God knows what else.

So this Brexit farce and pretence is but a piece of theatre whilst a new broth is being prepared to pour what's left of any "ingredients" trying to stay fresh and healthy, down the sewers. Leaving the EUSSR unelected despots and drunks to clap and cheer how clever they are and adept at culinary butchering. I just hope those helping these people get discarded too. Although most will feel big pay days a la "Facebook" will be their rewards.

As I often have posted recently, China and Russia stand in the way of this global dominance. Now ask yourselves, who is getting the most vilification and aggression from the West these days? Even Trump is swayed by his Brutus friends and a target of the same Global "Elite". If he were smarter he would court big time Russia and China to help rid America of those hidden enemies of us all. 

Sadly their grip in America is so very powerful. Hence their now weaponising of mass immigration as a way of diminishing the "populist", I say patriotic, American people of all races and creeds. These "caravans" marching from the South American Countries are but relatively well heeled, mobile phone warriors, funded from Soros and his ilk. All to destabilise the growing popular support in America for change.

Pop corn calling. The film not a comedy but a terrifying tragedy. It will end with a very much reduced human existence before long. If not in my lifetime. Good luck living through that. You all had opportunities to stop what's coming. I doubt there is any time left. Maybe, just maybe, 20 years if we, those still living, are lucky. Bet there's a big business in remote, luxury underground bunkers, though!


  1. Many of us on the right have tried to sound the alarm about the consequences of allowing unlimited newcomers into our small island. In return we were branded Nazis and racists then subjected to abuse in the streets, threats of violence, death threats and our families targeted with hate campaigns by the social warriors of the far left. Now many of our one time abusers are moaning they can't afford a house, see their doctor or get a job. You can't save those that don't want to be saved but its a terrible shame they are taking down the rest of us with them. Be careful what you vote for might be the message to think about while society falls to bits around you ears.

  2. Those whom the gods would destroy they first make mad is the only answer I can give to the very sensible questions you raise here. Let's not forget it is the people we see in the street every day who elect the politicians who are destroying our nation. A terrifying thought if ever there was one. We have persecuted and driven away those who would have stood up for our nation and its beliefs preferring to vote for ever more of the same while expecting a different result. Could anyone argue that is not a classic sign of madness?