Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Time For A New Politics.

Really For The People, Not Self Interested Leftards Or Global Gangsters.

Come on, people that wake up coffee aroma is screaming to be smelled. 

Should you have the time, here's a good 30 minutes of truth.


  1. I wonder if Britain First is happy to allow ex members of right wing parties to join it? I have emailed them asking but have never received a reply. I don't know their view on this but could it be that like Ukip they don't wish to be associated with those regarded as persona non grata by the chattering classes?

  2. Well I had no problem joining, Anon. As Oldrightie there is a clue!

  3. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question. May I ask if you were ever a member of the B.N.P. and if so were you very active? I will understand if you don't wish to comment. When I was a parliamentary candidate for them I suffered death threats, an internet campaign to have me assaulted in the street and my home address published with suggestions that I should be visited and "sorted out". I was threatened with violence at election counts by drunken left wing supporters and called a fascist and racist by the supporters of free speech. I now only comment as Anon as in the end the courageous activists of the Left mounted a hate campaign against my wife. What a joy it is to live in a free country where you have free speech etc.
    Regards to you and yours.

  4. Anon, I wasn't ever a member of the BNP but of this I'm certain. The leftards of today are way more unpleasant and gross than ever any other Party I recall. I abhor extremism but worse than that I loathe the present day manner in which all views opposing left wing dogma are labelled extreme or fascist. Add to that the socialist NAZI party, which was genocidal in the most horrific way and full on leftards and we see their ilk now solidly part of the Labour Party.
    For Britain is a fantastic even if vain last hope for a new politics. Sign up and be counted. Anybody who realises the danger we now face from real extremism and Islamic terror should be welcomed big time.