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Friday, 7 September 2018

The Truth Is Out There.

It's Not Very Comforting.

Though a lengthy, eleven minutes, it's very much worthwhile viewing. We can but hope the tide of genocidal intention can still be turned. It won't be left to the global deep state agenda. 

It really is shameful that the dreadful, street fouling, arrogance of many, many migrants throughout Europe are allowed the freedom to do as they please. Not least rape and murder young, WHITE girls at will. How much anguish, for example, do we get from the politically correct feminists. The Merkel and Mat pairing of Islamic apologists? Nothing.

Their tame, disgusting as any crimes and butchery, by mass immigrant, economic takers. Young,  military and violently capable, youths with the savagery of centuries old envy and loathing for their lack of evolvement blamed on their hosts who dare to be white. Foul, fetid and horrible racism shown for what it is in the gross mutilation and rape of white farmers and their families in South Africa. 

No media or political outcry in support of that terrorised minority. Such hand wringing hypocrisy is reserved for the expulsion of Muslims  from Myanmar. No mention of that insurgent Trojan Horse of the terror fomenting there, is there?

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  1. So true, in our town we even had a cafe owner put up a no English sign and it was there for weeks. The police are unable (or unwilling) to protect the law abiding citizens but woe betide you if you seek to protect yourself. The newcomers in our midst are elevated to the status of sacred cows. We tell them they are the most important people on earth, we treat them as the most important people on earth and then wonder why they believe it and many of them treat us like dirt. We have at last come to the situation where we have two legal systems, one for the newcomers and one for the rest of us. It is very very clear that some groups of people are above the law. As for the rest of us it is a case of the law, it seems, only applies to those who are British and customarily law abiding. Nobody in authority is interested if your house is broken into or your area devastated by travellers etc. but plenty of police to follow up so called hate crimes. Many of these so called hate crimes are no more than somebody being offended when they are not treated with the deference they have become accustomed to or are just being told no.