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Sunday, 16 September 2018

Ted Heath's Goddaughter.

Nominated By The Civil Service Deep State.

Prime Minister May, obviously connected to Heath in some way. Probably her slavish enslavement by the Civil Service from whence this Chequers stitch up emanates. The EUSSR is alive and well. It's army quietly growing and it's Muslim dominated riot police strategically placed and ready to violently suppress coming unrest.

All of this hidden, as it was when Heath was seduced into toeing the line. Just as this useless, weak present day, minority government aunt Sally. The EUSSR tactics of delay, obfuscation, fear mongering and drip, drip, second referendum hints all things we have seen for decades when their way is potentially blocked.

All this terrible bating of the Russian Bear part of the distraction. As is the smug use of the Brexit false flag jokes all at our expense as the  smug, real power of the deep state, as shown by "Oily" Robbins. A power used to cajole, blackmail and seduce Heath in his day. The UK people too stupid? Sure, except when dying by the hundreds of thousands in deep state political wars.

This "chequers" proposal is just another "common market" stitch up as done in Heath's time. Robbins cobbled this together with the Commissars in Brussels. Then they pretend it's a no, no, whilst loving how it keeps us in line in all but name. There'll be a deal because it's already done behind closed doors. A deal the British people will suffer greatly from in the years to come.

Those of us desperate to see this awful dictatorship ended will need to hope other Countries step up to the plate before it's too late, if not already. Otherwise not only our Nations will be gone but our whole race. A species of mongrels destined to preside over the eventual destruction of the whole human race. We are already seeing the slow, creeping nature of this future in our towns and cities.

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