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Tuesday, 11 September 2018


The West's Media And Their Billion Dollar Propaganda Machine.

I question which costs more. The suppression of major and ghastly war crimes by the West's deep state and the suggestion it's somehow in our names or the constant, daily and concerted negativity and misuse of language? One such example is how democracy, i.e the will of the majority, is now called populism.

For this blogger Syria and the dreadful state of European cities now engulfed in third world, economic migrants, defecating, raping and destroying in daily orgies of racist envy, are two defining aspects of the West's and their deep state hypocrisy sickening decline. Like many creatures suddenly flushed out of their holes, gnashing, gnarling and indiscriminate violence become the preferred response to potential defeat.

How ironic that similar behaviour led, 17 years ago, to an identical action in New York. An act emanating from  a festering hatred and dare I say fierce racist and cultural agenda. One, in part, justifiable, when directed against the West's deep state and global ambition of the powerful and self entitled, mega rich. The arms dealers in particular thrilled to the core of their evil beings at the prospect, since fulfilled, of many, many different clients clambering over each other to buy weapons.

Indeed, many such weapons sales were directed via Western political machinery. So much evidence and not fake, at that. it's no coincidence that the West's "bestie" is that evil regime in Riyadh. Add to the alarm bells the relatively sudden global interest in Russian equipment and arms as their tactical and legal assistance to Assad bears fruit. Here is the crux of the anti Russian and Putin propaganda onslaught as more and more Countries seek quotes over and above the gross and hypocritical offers from the West and in particular, the USA.

Libya still reeks of a failed regime change policy. Question more if you dare. Just be prepared for  venom and spite via the MSM machine should you do so. Just look at the might and power of the Brexit arguments and slanging matches. The cess pool of sycophants bubbling with the thrashing of the bottom feeders desperate to become raised to the upper echelons of the Soros and Bilderberger glass skyscrapers.

Also question the slow retreat from 9/11 justification of present Western attitudes. No more about the loss of life and horrors of that day. back to any ends justify the means to prop up the deep state and wealth of the worst despots ever to walk this earth. The geopolitical scene their playground and only theirs. Rules of engagement changed with wind directions and false flag chemical gas clouds, planned to promote military intervention in Syria.

Just bear in mind that should this intervention be orchestrated we once more teeter on the edge of yet another global conflict. Still, hey, more need for armaments and more opportunities for the media to fund their hopes of elevation to the top tables. As if!

I'll close with Brexit. This "Chequers" crap almost certainly was cooked up in secret on the Continent. Its goal to emasculate the UK's defiance against this deep state creation. That the present growing and misnamed "far" right instinct, we are seeing across the Continent, was unexpected, is a further indication, to the evil behind the EUSSR, that just maybe their grip is waning. When I use the word evil, I mean the likes of this mandarin. An idol to our own cabal and Robbins types.

Italy, Austria and Sweden only this week showing defiance from its people. Just bear in mind these elections did not have any reported independent observers. Just like our own referendum and General Election. Anyone who thinks these ballots are fair and open need look to Ukraine and how that was manipulated, with billions of dollars of foreign money poured in to destabilise. I doubt, ironically, it even paid for one month's losses to Western interests from losing Crimea! So hard to find these events discussed in our corrupt media.

For many my lumping Syria to Brexit will seem implausible. That is until we look closer at the deep state's ways of doing things. Gross and becoming ever less subtle. However, if Trump could only hold true to more of his rhetoric, such as leaving Syria, make peace with Russia and back legitimate Governments rather than only those the deep state wealth deem suitable, the chances of a better, more stable and fairer future just might be possible.

A proper Brexit and not some gross cobbled up subservience May seeks with her mandarin produced smoke screen, at Chequers. Plus the liberation of Idlib and slaughter, yes, slaughter of the barbaric terrorists still backed by the Saudis and the West lingering in Syria, with intent, would both combine to give us another Trump/Brexit morning! I do hope so!

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  1. With your well written piece in mind it is becoming very clear why the establishment will lie, cheat or in fact do anything to stay in power. As well as their well known love of the trough and the gravy train they are terrified that if a decent government ever came to power it would hold them to account for the nightmares they have brought down on us. Even after they leave office they are protected as members of the "old boys" club. After all what does it matter if over 100,000 innocent people died in Iraq they can't have one of their own in the Hague facing charges of being a war criminal can they. Keep the people distracted and ruthlessly crush any rising party that might be a threat to you has worked in the UK so far but will it last? Let's hope not.