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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

How Deep Is The Deep State?

Sadly, Very Deep And Very Dark.

I have not posted for a few days partly because my mind is reeling with the nastiness of our modern politics. That and the ease in which, in the West, our lives are so subjugated and run by the Deep State. Very much to our detriment. Mass rape of children, total loss of civilised behaviour and defecation in our streets, common occurrences.

Naturally the Establishment protects themselves, for the time being, whilst nodding to the chav classes as necessary consumers of tattoos, graffiti spray cans and anything that is gross and ugly. Obesity the latest politically correct lily pad for snowflake victim hood. All of the horrors orchestrated and controlled to create a growing demand for draconian crack downs.

Such a crackdown planned, I fear, by the creation of not only the shadowy quasi military riot police force across the EUSSR but also a full blown military. One staffed by eclectic troops in land, air and sea forces. Happy to smack, mostly, whitey, in a frenzy of rewritten history, carnage and bloodshed.

We see these ulterior motives everywhere. Not least in that blatant and breathtaking hypocrisy over Yemen when compared to Syria. Both led by the incestuous relationships between the families of the Saudi Royals and the West's deep state. So close as to be classifiable as related to the core in their demand to rule the Planet. 

Trump's "warning" to a sovereign Syrian Government to leave their pals in situ in Idlib, to further the deep state's terrible control over captive citizens, by terrorists, whilst justifying slaughter in Yemen as helping the "sovereign" Government there, beggars belief. If only Trump was prepared to defy the 9/11 financiers in Riyadh, we could all sleep easier.

Allow me to move on to Brexit. Here our Lords and Masters presented their puppet, May for all to see how they can pull strings. What other explanation can there be?

When you realise this puppet is running our Brexit negotiations under the string pulling of Robbins, and his Mandarin Deep State, UK arm of corrupt, secretive and loathsome scum, show their disdain for all things not part of their bum clenching arrogance and weird existences. What we can be certain of is the good of the people of the UK, particularly the indigenous white constituents with a few brain cells, is being urinated on from a great height.

This "Chequers" deal rubbish. I can just see the first class cabins and private jet flights appropriated between Brussels, Berlin and London City Airport at a level, since the referendum, to have increased the aviation luxury providers' wealth, beyond their wildest dreams. All quietly passed under the noses of The Government, too enthralled with the possibility of being given honourary membership of the sewer rat order of filth the deep state represents.

Those frequent flyer journeys mentioned above necessary to ensure sufficient collusion with the can kicking, referendum nulling tactics to destroy that democratic vote. The usual weapon of a second ballot slowly being inserted into the agenda and the rigged ballot procedures dusted down from the Irish vote. Just look at how the vote numbers changed. Must have been a giant container ship to get those rigged papers from Europe to Dublin. Too many to ship by air.

I have been angered by Bojo's anti Russian stance but if he can rescue brexit, I'll give him a second thought. We should also bear in mind Corbyn's position. My initial feeling is the antisemitic issue is designed to get him into power and bolster his Muslim base and vote. However I suggest it may be to get him out and bring in a pro EUSSR cabal before an election is called.

However this all pans out, for Robbins and his gross, "Sleepy Hollow" equestrian loving army and their global fellow riders, it's all becoming win, win. If the deep state Chequers surrender is to be their best chance to ruin the Brexit vote, so be it. Better still an election, with May slumped in a dusty forgotten corner, her strings well and truly severed. A chosen successor, probably not Corbyn but perhaps a Hammond, White Van Snob, Lady Nugee, shared coalition would be possible.

That General Election so orchestrated and rigged as a covert second referendum, as to give us a coalition Government happy to ditch brexit and tie us, euro currency and all, into a final small provincial Federal outpost of the EUSSR. One ripe to be punished, as was Greece, with a decade, if not forever, of poverty stricken, asset stripped housing and pension wealth. That and a concentration camp for the millions of migrants needed to be emptied out of Europe.

What's not to like as a billionaire deep sate political placement dictator. I suspect most of Parliament will go along with the salaries a strict obedience to this new order will provide. Nothing to do but sit on the green benches flicking through super car, country house, private jet and yacht brochures cast off by EUSSR Commissioners, for the latest editions. All fits neatly, does it not? Not least how easily people are duped, even after that brief ,rebellious referendum result. So very long ago!

We have Seen It In Action But Now It's Global.


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  1. Everything you say is true but don't despair. The referendum was perhaps the first real sign of an awaking of the British. If we are cheated out of brexit its possible we will see the rise of a real right wing party again. If it turns out to be brexit in name only the same might well happen. We do still have enough right thinking people to change things. All over Europe the stirring of change but for some reason the British have ignored what is happening to them probably as a result of the establishment manipulation of our political and legal system. You really can't fool all of the people all of the time and I and many like me would be more than happy to return to the political barricades and resume the struggle for a real right wing government again. The wheel is turning and we will be a proud and decent nation again, nothing is that wrongs here that it can not be fixed by the right people and the right policies properly carried out.